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Presenter Tips

You're Presenting at Siemens PLM Connection. . . Now what?
You could wait until June and slap together a presentation just before you leave for Orlando or on the flight or you get the picture! OR you can check this page over the next couple of months for real life, usable tips and techniques to kill that death by powerpoint once and for all. Read our presenter guidelines for everything you need to know to present at Siemens PLM Connection.

Presenter Tip Highlights:

Three keys to giving a great presentation...

1. Be audience-centric. 2. Understand your role in the presentation. 3. Wrap your content in story.

Find out more about these three tips from presentation expert Nancy Duarte, who gave the TED Talk “The secret structure of great talks,” in this interesting article here...

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10 Free Reads to Help Build your Best Conference Presentation
Courtesy of VCC's Midcourse Corrections

Eight Presenter Principles To Master

How To Be A Bodacious, Wicked, Totally Tubular Technical Presenter 

Helping Speakers Move From Dispensers Of Information To Facilitators Of Learning 

  Remembering the audience, the heart of a presentation

  Developing presentation content

  How the brain learns

  The TED Speaker Commandments

  Information vs. Education vs. Learning

  Designing for audience engagement / Infusing lectures with discussion

  The importance of visuals


PowerPoint Presentation

You've read the tips, watched the videos now your ready to prepare:

1. Click Here for an example of a good PowerPoint presentation. (Watch in slideshow mode for the full experience.)

 2. Give it a try! Use the PLM World approved presenter template (coming soon) to make a master PowerPoint of your own!


Add Value for the Audience

This year presentations are 60 minutes long. Think about the best way to communicate your message in that time frame. 

Live Demonstration’s  I  AVI’s showing the subject matter being executed  I  Incorporate questions into your presentation to encourage audience participation  I  Have a formal Q&A   I  Present a scenario related to your topic and ask the audience how they might resolve the situation

  • Begin with the end in mind. Create your closing summary slide first and then build your PowerPoint to drive towards those crisp conclusions.
  • Apply the 70% rule! Only create enough content to fill 70% of the time you’ve been given. You will never finish early and will find your pace to be less rushed, while you focus more effort on how you’re delivering your message – not just the message itself.
  • Time your presentation so you finish five minutes early. Most presenters cram 60 minutes of content into a 60‐minute block of time and it never fits. Instead, take the pressure off and plan to finish a few minutes early. Give that time back to your audience knowing they will remember you because you were the only presenter in recent memory who let them out early or offer up a few moments for Q&A with a relaxed summarization and close.