Guidelines for Technical Presentations

Thank you for making a presentation at Siemens PLM Connection. The PLM World Board of Directors and the user members appreciate the time and effort you take to prepare your presentation and want you to know how important you are in making this conference a success.

When you make a presentation at Siemens PLM Connection, you are representing yourself and your company to the entire Siemens PLM Software community worldwide. This document will help you plan a successful presentation experience at the conference.

By presenting at Siemens PLM Connection, you give PLM World permission to electronically post your biography, abstract and provided material on the PLM World website and to publish them in printed PLM World materials (conference marketing materials, etc.). In addition, PLM World reserves the right to edit biographies, abstracts and bullet points for consistency, style and grammar as necessary.

If you have any questions regarding your participation at Siemens PLM Connection, please feel free to contact any of the applicable PLM World board contacts listed below.

Contacts for Further Information

Technical Director

Jon Jarrett

(435) 863-8637


Orbital ATK

Event Coordinator

Kristen Holmes


PLM World, Inc.

Type of Presentations

Typically presentations fall into one of two categories:

1. Case Study - Based on current or recent projects, case studies present the implementation and use of Siemens PLM Software tools or other related products throughout the product lifecycle. Case studies provide attendees an insight into the strategies applied, lessons learned and success experienced while applying current technology to common challenges.

2. Tips & Techniques - Expert users convey best practices developed while using Siemens PLM Software tools or related products. These presentations are very valuable in raising the expertise of all users and are appreciated by attendees whether they are new or experienced users.

Delivery of Presentations

[Click Here to Download PPT Template] 

Please note that graphics may appear to run off slides, but will display correctly in presentation mode.

1. Traditional Lecture- While this method is the most widely used delivery method, it is also the least beneficial to the attendee.

2. Roundtable- Hardwired into everyone is the desire to communicate! We crave and need communication with each other. Listening to conference lectures is one-sided. It doesn’t provide the same fulfillment as two-way dialogue with our peers. For many conference attendees, the most valuable part of a conference is when they communicate with like-minded individuals that face similar problems. The point of a roundtable is not to speak/lecture but to facilitate the peer to peer discussion as many attendees wish to speak with moderators, who are often experts and consultants with a broad knowledge, and listen to what other attendees have to share, who have experienced similar issues, and have solved it perhaps through different solutions than they might have.

3. Hybrid (Lecture and Roundtable) - Blending lectures with peer discussions in pairs, triads and small groups is more than just conversation and dialogue. It has a purpose and goal. Often conference group talk is a blend of conversations, dialogue and discussions.  Just dividing a traditional lecture into 10 minute chunks and then giving the audience two to ten-minute breaks for time for discussion increases learning.  Most discussions incorporate reciprocity and movement (from one individual to another), exchange and inquiry, cooperation and collaboration, formality and informality. In this session, discussion is an alternating serious and playful effort by a group of two or more to share views and engage in mutual and reciprocal critique. This is where the true learning occurs and is a catalyst for informed action. Presenters often feel that covering all of their content is more important than allowing the audience to discuss the topic, when just the opposite is true.

4. Live Demonstrations/Tutorials- Demonstrations are a very valuable component of the knowledge theater sessions. Some presenters work with another user or software specialist to perform the demonstration while some just perform the demonstration alone. This is not an opportunity to click through steps quickly on a screen while narrating and the attendee sits back and passively listens. They must be actively involved in the session in some way like simulations or structured note taking for learning to occur. Help your audience participate in active listening by stopping every 10 min to ask questions, have someone summarize the point just expressed or simply provide feedbac

To upload your presentation, please complete the following steps: 

    • Log into PLM World
    • Go to your Profile page 
    • Select the My Presentations tab at the right of the page 
    • Then select the presentation title you would like to edit
    • A window will open with an option to “Edit Files” on the top left
    • Once you have clicked Edit Files you will see an “Add” button located in the File(s) field. 
    • Select the “add” button to add your presentation file. Browse your computer for the correct file and then open. 
    • Once opened you will see the file upload to the database, press OK and it will be saved with your presentation. 
    • To return back to your full list of presentations, go back to your Profile page.

The Review and Selection Process

Potential presenters must submit a short abstract (800 characters or less), along with their name, title, company name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail address. A short biography (600 characters or less) is also required. The PLM World Technical Committee and corresponding Siemens PLM Software representatives review abstracts received by the due date. A presentation is accepted based on its overall fit into the conference and its relevance to current issues and concerns voiced by the user community. The Technical Director sends a letter of acceptance to the selected presenters. The applicable dates are published on the PLM World web site.

The Audience

The three audience types at the conference include:

Business Process Improvement

Managers and thought leaders interested in discussions focusing on improving business processes based on best practices and lessons learned from a process, tool and people perspective

User Experience

Users interested in improving the efficiency in the usage of the software tools today by learning new techniques, exploring additional software capability or attending specific training classes

Deployment Excellence 

Issues and solutions facing IT professionals responsible for architecture, configuration, performance, and deployment of business critical systems

Policy on Selling

PLM World maintains a policy against selling your product or company’s services during your presentation. However, this policy does consider that your product is of interest to the audience, and is of benefit in the overall understanding of the presentation itself. Therefore, it is acceptable to present the company and its product or services in one to two slides maximum as an introduction in the beginning of your presentation.

Preparing Your Presentation

Time allotments are 60 minutes for general breakout sessions and 20 minutes for a knowledge theatre session. Please practice your presentation so that you leave about 10 minutes for questions. The effectiveness of your presentation depends to a great extent on the quality of your slides. However, you don’t have to have your slides professionally made. A presentation template is available and required on the presenter tips page of our event website. You are required to use the beginning and ending template for your presentation. Use large text and keep the number of items per slide to no more than four or five. You are allowed 1-2 slides maximum describing your company and its product. The title slide should include the presentation title, presenter(s) name, title, company name and contact information. All other slides should not include your company's logo, phone number or web/contact address. You may include in the footer of all slides the following information: Title of Presentation, Presenters Name, Legal Company Name, Date, Slide number and Proprietary notice (if required).

Audio-Visual Equipment

PLM World will provide the following standard AV equipment. Prior to your actual presentation, please go to your scheduled room during a break, or after regularly scheduled hours, with your laptop (if applicable) to help you feel comfortable, and make sure that everything is working properly.

Standard equipment available:

LCD Video Projector with connection for your laptop computer (laptop is not provided)

8x8” screen

Wireless microphone

Proceedings Format

All attendees are given access to the online database of conference presentations after the event. Presenters must provide an electronic copy of their presentation or a related white paper in the format they wish them to be shared two weeks prior to the conference. The acceptable file formats are: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or PDF. Copies must be submitted by April 22, 2016, in order to be included in the proceedings and order to receive the conference fee waiver. Refer to the PLM World website for instructions on uploading copies of your presentation.

Note: The final presentation as submitted will be reviewed by the Technical Committee prior to the conference. PLM World reserves the right to decline and cancel any scheduled presentation if a copy of the final presentation is not submitted by the due date or if the presentation violates any of the PLM World policies.

Conference Registration

All presenters MUST register with the presenter registration type using the on-line registration site and book a hotel room at the conference hotel. If the presenter is unable to book at the conference host hotel there will be an additional conference fee of $200.

If there are two presenters, the second presenter is expected to pay the Early Bird registration fee provided that his/her name appears on the Abstract Submittal form at the time the Abstract is submitted. Each presentation may have one co-presenter.

Bringing That Recognition Home

On request, PLM World will write a letter to your employer recognizing your efforts and expressing appreciation of their support of those efforts. Please fill in the appropriate section on the registration form if you are interested. Also upon request, PLM World will create a presenter certificate as recognition of presenting at Siemens PLM Connection (please see registration desk at the conference).

Special Opportunities for Presenters

There are many opportunities available to Users Group members to take a more active role in the direction of PLM World and the Siemens PLM Connection product suites.

Participation on the technical or executive committee

Presenters interested in becoming more involved with The PLM World organization should make their interest known to PLM World representatives. These representatives will know what positions are open and the responsibilities and time commitment required for each position.