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Contact Name: Jim Martin
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Siemens PLM Software:  NX CAD, PLM Components - JT Open, PLM Components - Parasolid, Solid Edge (Velocity Series), Teamcenter - A&D, Teamcenter - Bill of Materials Management, Teamcenter - Community Collaboration, Teamcenter - Content & Document Management, Teamcenter - Engineering, Teamcenter - Engineering Process Management, Teamcenter - Enterprise, Teamcenter - Lifecycle Visualization, Teamcenter - Manufacturing
Business or Company Industry:  Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Consumer Products, Energy and Utilities, Federal Government, High Tech and Electronics, Machinery and Industrial Products
Services Provided:  Software

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Tuesday, May 9

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Wednesday, May 10
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Thursday, May 11
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2:00 Closed | Tear-Down

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Anark Core is an automated, easy to deploy, enterprise software platform that enables manufacturers to leverage valuable engineering design data and manufacturing information to deliver highly effective down-stream visual communication and collaboration documents and applications. Manufacturers can now effectively reuse their 3D Product Definition content and Manufacturing Process content by automatically combining CAD-PLM with ERP-MES content through captured business rules to create context specific, graphically rich, manufacturing, inspection and supplier documents and applications for use throughout the enterprise and extended supply-chain.

Anark's 3D MBE and Visual Collaboration solutions focus on five (5) critical operational areas within the enterprise and supply-chain: - Engineering Release Documents and Technical Data Packages (TDPs) - Manufacturing Work Instructions & Process Planning - First Article Inspection and Quality Inspection Planning - Supplier Collaboration and Request for Quote (RFQs) - Support Operations and IIOT applications.

Anark Core is the only automated MBE authoring and publishing solution available today that can provide completely accurate, high fidelity 3D PDF and 3D HTML engineering release and manufacturing process documents from virtually any CAD, PLM, or ERP data source.

MBEWeb is Anark's cloud and mobile platform for the Industrial Internet - A MBE-enabled HTML hosting and collaboration solution that leverages Anark Core's recipe driven publishing and collaboration software.  MBEWeb brings powerful new capabilities to the Industrial Internet, including full support for MBE enabled cloud and mobile platform applications.

Anark enables Siemens PLM customers utilize their Solid Edge, NX, and JT data to create and publish effective 3D MBE and Visual Collaboration documents and applications for use throughout the enterprise and extended supply chain. Anark's automation recipes can be managed via direct integration with Siemens PLM Teamcenter.

Round Table Sessions
Partner Presentations
Title: Extending advanced 3D MBE publishing
Primary Presenter: Stephen Collins [CEO - Anark Corporation]
Secondary Presenter: James Martin
Date & Time: May 08, 2017 01:15 PM
Location: 109

During the past several years there has been a rapid migration away from conventional 2D engineering drawings and loosely coupled database reports, toward more effective and efficient model based communication, collaboration and long term archival processes.

Manufacturers that have effectively united CAD, PLM and ERP data to deliver powerful downstream “3D MBE Data Mashup” documents and content can now further extend this capability in the broader context of the extended enterprise and supply chain collaboration via advanced cloud and mobile technologies.

This presentation will cover the latest advances in 3D MBE publishing, communication and collaboration, and how leading manufacturers are efficiently utilizing their PLM, CAD, ERP and other business data to create and publish downstream fit-for-purpose 3D HTML and 3D PDF based MBE documents, and cloud and mobile content, including:

  • Supply Chain Collaboration (RFQ/RFPs)
  • Manufacturing Process Planning & Work Instructions
  • Technical Data Packages (TDPs)
  • Quality Inspection
  • Service Operations & IIOT


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