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Siemens PLM Software:  NX CAD, NX Programming and Customization, PLM Components - JT Open, PLM Components - Parasolid, PLM Components - PLM XML, Solid Edge (Velocity Series), Teamcenter - A&D, Teamcenter - Bill of Materials Management, Teamcenter - Community Collaboration, Teamcenter - Consumer Goods, Teamcenter - Engineering, Teamcenter - Enterprise, Teamcenter - Enterprise Knowledge Foundation, Teamcenter - Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul, Teamcenter - Manufacturing, Teamcenter - Manufacturing Process Management, Teamcenter - Mechatronics Process Management, Teamcenter - Reporting and Analytics, Teamcenter - Systems Engineering & Requirements Management, Teamcenter - Unified Architecture, Tecnomatix - Plant Design & Optimization
Business or Company Industry:  Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Energy and Utilities, High Tech and Electronics, Machinery and Industrial Products
Services Provided:  Software

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HCL Technologies is a leading services company that covers the entire gamut of technology solutions and services including infrastructure management, application development, BPO and engineering and R&D services. Over the years, HCL Technologies has demonstrated remarkable growth in spite of economic downturn and is emerging as one of only eight 21st century listed technology companies in the world to cross $1bn in net profit, $5bn in revenue and $15bn in market capitalization. As a $6 billion global company, HCL Technologies brings IT and engineering services expertise under one roof to solve complex business problems for its clients. Leveraging extensive global off-shore infrastructure and a network of offices in 31 countries, HCL provides holistic, multi-service delivery in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, consumer services, public services and healthcare.

Round Table Sessions
Partner Presentations
Title: Smart PLM Deployment - Teamcenter
Primary Presenter: Deva Prasanna Nandyala [Solution Architect - HCL Technologies]
Date & Time: May 09, 2017 02:15 PM
Location: 109

We always hear from many customers that Teamcenter deployment/upgrade for the production Go-Live is hectic and time-consuming compared to other widely used business applications.


For customers with more than several thousands of Teamcenter users, it is very common to have a horizontally scaled-up infrastructure with multiple instances of Teamcenter diversified components. Huge amount of efforts will be required to perform Teamcenter upgrade/deployment on all the infrastructure components.

In global deployments with user base located in multiple sites across the globe with different time zones, it is always challenging to bring down the production system for more than 16 hours even during the weekend. Teamcenter deployment/upgrade process during the production release has become a daunting job for the IT teams to finish on-time without having any impact on the business.


Smart deployment/upgrade of Teamcenter coupled with continuous integration process described in this paper provides a methodology to move into agile rollout process and to successfully meet the customer’s hard timelines for rollout which eventually improves the productivity of the entire deployment/upgrade process. This deployment strategy describes a smart process to finish 70% of the activities prior to the rollout weekend without impacting the business and perform minimum number of activities during rollout weekend, thus reducing the time window for production downtime. The methodology also enables quick and easy rollback process to ensure business continuity. Smart deployment coupled with continuous integration process gives an edge to improve the quality of the deployment with cost benefits and enables agile rollouts for business demands


Smart upgrade methodology has been successfully tried in large customer’s environments. This helped them to reduce the production downtime within desired limits and also to improve quality of deployment

Title: PMI best practices and validation within NX with DFMPro
Primary Presenter: Nikhil Dalvi [Director- Geometric Americas Inc - Geometric Americas Inc]
Secondary Presenter: Matt Johnston
Date & Time: May 09, 2017 09:30 AM
Location: Knowledge Theater 3

Given the need for accelerating the design cycle there is an increasing trend towards communicating downstream manufacturing requirements in digital form i.e. adding Product and manufacturing information (PMI) such as geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, 3D annotation etc. directly within the 3D model.


This presentation will explain global best practices for implementing PMI and how DFMPro empowers designers to quickly validate their 3D models to ensure that they comply with industry standards and PMI best practices within NX.


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