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Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business solutions organization that delivers real results to global business, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. For over two decades, TCS has offered breakthrough engineering and manufacturing solutions to global enterprises from discrete and process industry sectors. Designed to foster product innovation, improve operational efficiencies, and accelerate the time to market, our solutions are differentiated by our customer-centric, process-driven approach. TCS’ superior innovation ecosystem, and wide-ranging investments in areas like the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 enable us to holistically support our clients in successfully meeting marketplace requirements. Our integrated solutions and services portfolio provides end-to-end coverage for the engineering lifecycle – ‘concept to prototype’, ‘prototype to production’, and ‘production to service’.

With vast domain knowledge and technology expertise, TCS helps global manufacturing, high tech, energy, utilities, life sciences, and retail companies achieve engineering and operational excellence. TCS has been named the ‘Most Established Engineering Service Provider’ in Zinnov’s GSPR 2015 report. We have been positioned in the ‘Winner’s Circle’ by HfS Research in its 2015 Engineering Report, and as a Leading Global Service Provider of Engineering Services by the ARC Advisory Group. TCS also ranks among CIMData’s and IDC’s Global Top 5 PLM System Integrators.

Product/Service Summary

TCS is Strategic partner to Siemens PLM and has been engaged on PLM/Teamcenter since 1987. During these years, TCS has been helping its customers, drive lean processes and deploy PLM-IT platform in their product development chain, to drive faster innovation, integrate the globally-distributed product innovation and delivery operations and bring out regulatory compliant products. TCS PLM Consulting Group, helps companies maximize business value from their PLM investments by driving innovative processes and creative solutions across the product lifecycle. To learn more about TCS’ PLM solutions, please visit

TCS’ Innovative Solutions, PLM Consulting expertise and excellence in delivery through CMMI Level-5 processes have played a big part in supporting our customers transformative initiatives. For our customers, TCS brings a broad range of PLM Services:


  • PLM for New Product Development and Introduction
  • PLM for Service Lifecycle Management


  • Transformation Strategy and Roadmap
  • Business Process Consulting
  • Software Selection


  • PLM Implementation, Integrations and Support
  • Infrastructure

Industry Solutions

  • Teamcenter Medical Device Solution
  • Manufacturing Machining Solution DMDCam
  • Teamcenter Softline, Hardline & Footwear (SH&F) Solution

Enterprise Transformation Solutions

Fast Tracking PLM Implementation

  • Starter Kit: Solution for Accelerated Teamcenter deployment
  • NPD Process Analytics Solution
  • eTrans Solution – Teamcenter Enterprise Transition to Teamcenter

Round Table Sessions
Partner Presentations
Title: Predictive Engineering Analytics Series - Part 3
Primary Presenter: SUDARSHAN D.R. [Senior Consultant - TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES]
Date & Time: May 11, 2017 10:45 AM
Location: 111-112

Be sure to add Predictive Engineering Analytics Series Parts 1-6 to your agenda to make the most of the full day series.

Leveraging PLM Analytics for Product Performance
Product quality and reliability being one of the most critical considerations towards establishing product brand, no wonder companies invest significant spend towards ensuring the new product development imbibes a rigorous quality assurance program. Product performance needs to be closely monitored not just during the First Article Inspection or the initial batch, but quite a few ongoing production runs to infer failure modes from the early symptoms of product performance. Quality executives struggle with control charts, FMEA, six sigma analyses, while the design function strives to strike a fine balance on product cost with product specifications following tight tolerances on form, fit or function. It becomes imperative to analyze the data more closely – during manufacturing, service & support to strike this optimal balance.

How does one improve the predictability of product failures so timely corrective actions can arrest the catastrophic failure of the product, warranting total replacement? How can the periodic servicing operations be accurately tuned, to become timely and effective so as to avoid costly routines uncalled for in a seemingly healthy operating environment? What critical parameters need to be monitored closely to provide the early indications of an impending failure amongst several contributing factors?

How may one leverage PLM to manage the data along the complete lifecycle to provide the hints and pin point trouble candidates for early resolution and corrective action? The paper takes into account a few industry examples of early product failures encountered and delineates an approach linking several enterprise systems including PLM with effective product analytics devised as part of an effective NPD process

Title: Active Workspace Adoption Framework
Primary Presenter: Ravi Yechuri [Center of Excellence Leader - TATA Consultancy Services]
Date & Time: May 09, 2017 09:15 AM
Location: 110

Almost all Teamcenter customers have started adopting Active Workspace to bring renewed User Experience and to introduce PLM to non-traditional users across enterprise. Though customers have started on this journey, full potential of Active Workspace is still not being fully leveraged due to various reasons. This paper focuses on approaches to help accelerate Active Workspace adoption, address some of the inhibitions, roadblocks with practical case studies from across industries.

The areas of discussion are:

1. Factors inhibiting Active Workspace Adoption and how are they addressed

2. Key challenges and considerations - Features, Technology, New platform capabilities 

3. Active Workspace Adoption Roadmap: Where/How to start Active Workspace journey, extend and bring transformation capabilities 

4. Introducing non-traditional users onto PLM platform

Title: Connected Digital Enterprise – Accelerating the Transformation Journey
Primary Presenter: Regu Ayyaswamy [Vice President / Global Head - Engineering and Industrial Services - TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED]
Date & Time: May 11, 2017 08:45 AM
Location: Sagamore Ballroom 3 - 7

Connected Digital Enterprise (CDE) was a futuristic concept just a year or two back. However, increasing business impetus is driving organizations towards accelerating their journey towards a Connected Digital Enterprise.

New technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are accelerating the process of Digitalization. A recent study conducted by TCS indicated that 84% companies surveyed across globe already leverage at least some of these technologies to accelerate their journey to a Digital Enterprise Realization. Clearly, we have reached a point that was at the horizon a couple of years back, perhaps sooner than expected.

In addition to technology, there are several enablers that complement the journey such as setting the foundations right, prioritizing amongst several competing initiatives, managing cultural change and importantly being able to get buy in for investment and sustaining the momentum.

TCS is part of the digital transformation journey of several global organizations in areas as diverse as changing business models, digitally connecting to the customer, increasing services revenue and operational efficiencies leveraging predictive analytics.

Title: Enhancing Product Performance and Reliability through PLM Analytics
Primary Presenter: K Balasubramanian
Date & Time: May 10, 2017 03:15 PM
Location: 110

Product quality and reliability being one of the most critical considerations towards establishing product brand, How may one leverage PLM to manage the data along the complete life cycle to provide the hints and pin point trouble candidates for early resolution and corrective action? We consider industry examples of early product failures encountered and discuss an approach of effective product analytics devised as part of an effective NPD process.

Title: Utilizing Power of PLM to Drive Integrated Service Operations
Primary Presenter: Srinivasan Thiagarajan [Director - Product Life cycle Management - TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LIMITED]
Secondary Presenter: Ravi Yechuri
Date & Time: May 10, 2017 02:15 PM
Location: 110

Organizations realize, efficient management of service line of business is very much essential to increase their revenue, profit and customer satisfaction.To minimize product downtime, organizations are seeking innovative solutions for predictive maintenance. Due to rapid globalization, products operate various conditions and geographies and with this need for an efficient service lifecycle solution is a key ask from the OEM. Organizations strongly feel that its own service offering will be cheaper to customers compared to third party service providers due to established manufacturing, supplier and service base.

Title: Leveraging Tecnomatix for Manufacturing Analytics in an IoT Ecosystem
Primary Presenter: Devadatta Kulkarni [tata consultancy services]
Date & Time: May 08, 2017 03:15 PM
Location: 110

Companies are taking initiatives to digitalize their shopfloor. In this process, a lot of manufacturing data gets generated. With Tecnomatix, a Manufacturing Process Management Software, you can analyze the data to generate insights to create value in manufacturing planning, simulation, and execution. session focuses on how manufacturing can be done in a much leaner and more efficient manner by leveraging Tecnomatix.


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