Teamcenter Security Roundtable

PLM World Hosted Teleconference Roundtable Discussions

Host: Mary Hoover, Boeing
October 25, 2011.  9-11am Pacific, 12-2pm Eastern

Security in today's Teamcenter environments is more important than ever. Teamcenter data is becoming more diversified and being shared both internal to corporate networks, as well as being extended beyond our firewalls. Sites are becoming more dependent on seamless sharing of data, and auditors are now more interested in who has access to data, IP data protection, and compliance with export controls. Join this discussion, and share your experience as well as learn from others.

The format of this session will be one hour of information/education and one hour of open discussion on a particular topic. Our agenda items for the fall are:

ADA/ITAR Enhancements (Bob Donovan)

Review of potential solutions for attribute level security (open discussion)

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 Roundtable Code of Conduct & Agenda

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Teamcenter Security Roundtable

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