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Best Practices for Integrating Teamcenter with ERP and Other Enterprise Applications

Session Number: 698
Connection/Track: Partner Product Roundtables
Session Type: Roundtable
Primary Presenter: Mathias Mond [President - TESIS PLMware USA LLC]

Palma B => Tue, May 08, 2012 (05:10 PM - 05:50 PM)

Presentation Level: All of the above
Connection: None
Length: 40
User Role: Siemens PLM
Industry Presentation is Most Applicable Towards: Other
Primary Presenter Biography: Mathias Mond graduated in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering from the Universities (TU) of Braunschweig and Munich. He worked in the central technical IT of a large automotive manufacturer for several years, then as consultant for a CAx provider. In 1988 he founded TESIS PLMware where he holds the position of managing director and is responsible for software develop-ment and PLM process consulting.

Abstract:  1. Best practices for integrating Teamcenter with ERP (SAP and Oracle EBS)

A discussion on integration methods, use-cases, implementation blueprints, successful go-live strategies, and other success factors for achieving robust, large-scale ERP integration. What have others done to arrive at an integration that is stable, user friendly, and highly functional?

2. Integrating Teamcenter with other enterprise applications

A discussion on integrating Teamcenter with a variety of other
enterprise applications, such as legacy databases, mid-range ERP, and other data stores. What are the benefits, and what are the costs and efforts to realize such an integration?

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