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Deployment of TcUA configurations across multiple sites for 4Tier and 2Tier. Over-the-web vs homegrown solution

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Amazon RS => Thu, May 10, 2012 (01:00 PM - 03:10 PM)

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User Rep - Moderator: Dave Ewell, ATK

Abstract:  Maintenance or minor system enhancements need to be made regularly. All clients need to have a common configuration. CAD configuration differ between CAD tools and site specific needs. How do sites best prepare and execute a large upgrade of TcUA?

How do you manage and disperse configurations for multiple CAD connectors and tools at multiple organizations?

Are configurations pushed to individual clients or do clients point to configuration server to receive updates?

Which configuration deployment solution provides best performance for client updates?

What solution provides best flexibility in deploying configuration changes?

How do you coordinate schedule and testing with multiple business units?

What impacts does this have on resources and projects that have been planned for individual organizations?

What is the meta-process one follows to test the upgrade prior to deploying in production?

With custom deployment methods in place challenges are introduced having diverged from Siemens default configurations; a good example is the Teamcenter/NX interaction. Customers require unique configurations for NX startup. What can be done after deviating from OOTB startup scripts (portal.bat, startnxmanager.bat, etc.) to reduce cost of ownership? We all diverge from these default startups; anything we could do to be more common?

What is the future of the Over-the-Web (OTW) installer? If it is being deprecated, with what will Siemens replace it?

How do you manage and disperse configurations specific to the CAD tools?


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