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Product Costing (i.e., design for profit)

Session Number: 656
Connection/Track: Roundtable
Session Type: Roundtable
Primary Presenter: Round Table [Moderator]

Miranda 5 => Thu, May 10, 2012 (03:25 PM - 05:25 PM)

Presentation Level: All of the above
Connection: None
Length: 85
User Role: End User of Siemens PLM Products at Company I work for (Not Siemens PLM)
Industry Presentation is Most Applicable Towards: Other
Primary Presenter Biography: Analyst Rep - Moderator, Marc Halpern, Gartner
Siemens Rep - Raj Khoshoo & Philip Tiejten
User Rep

Abstract:  Among the myriad of decisions made by all those involved in the product development process, most impact one basic fact: whether you’re helping or hindering that product’s ultimate profitability. Gartner’s lead PLM analyst, Marc Halpern, will host a roundtable discussion on best practices in determining and positievly impacting product cost.

1. How are informational silos (and latency) impacting your ability to assess product cost?
2. How should my product development information be organized to enable better product cost estimation (i.e. should cost)?
3. What IT systems are responsible for what kinds of data that would lead to a trustworthy cost assessment?
4. Is design for cost the same as design for manufacture?
5. What are you doing to tie costing data into EVMS systems for use as a predictive metric of cost performance?


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