Seamless Management of Product, Manufacturing and Service BOM information throughout the product lifecycle in Teamcenter

Session Number: 713
Connection/Track: Partner Product Roundtables
Session Type: Roundtable
Primary Presenter: Kenneth Mcdade [TCS]
Time: May 09, 2012 (10:15 AM - 10:55 AM)
Room: Palma B

Presentation Level: All of the above
Connection: None
Length: 90
User Role: Consultant/Implementer/Trainer/etc at other Companies.
Industry Presentation is Most Applicable Towards: Machinery & Industrial
Primary Presenter Biography: Ken Mcdade

Ken has over 20 years experience in manufacturing and product development systems having worked with clients from Aerospace & defense, consumer products, automotive, high tech electronics, and heavy machinery industries. This experience includes over 12 years as a solution architect as well as a business process architect primarilly focused on Teamcenter, SAP, and Oracle for managing PLM information.

Abstract:  Today, product information is managed in many enterprise systems and is rearranged for many purposes. Terms such as "as-built, as designed, as serviced", etc. have become a familiar part of our vocabulary. Teamcenter offers a host of applications to help manage various aspects of the product information for systems engineers, product designers, purchasing, manufacturing, service and so on. But how can these applications be configured to work in a seamless, integrated way to achieve business challenges such as CAD to BOM alignment, EBOM to MBOM to SBOM reconciliation, efficient BOP management with minimal rework caused by inevitable changes to BOM and/or CAD. This session will take a bold and refreshing stand on how to accomplish this goal in a seamless, comprehensive approach.