Cloud - IT considerations and practices for PLM

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Time: May 10, 2012 (01:00 PM - 03:10 PM)
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User Role: End User of Siemens PLM Products at Company I work for (Not Siemens PLM)
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Siemens Rep - Product Development, Krish Krishnamurthy and Dave Mitchell (moderator)
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Abstract:  Many companies have smaller remote sites that can't afford to deploy their own instance of Teamcenter

Performance at remote sites and concurrent engineering across these sites.

What are some questions that should be asked with considering this type of deployment?

What are the number of administrators required for each?

What is the cost associated with each solution?

What are the roles and responsibilities associated with each?

Who controls backup and recovery? Synching of data back to central server?

Who is responsible for server maintenance? Is this centralized?

How do you manage caching servers and add redundancy?

When is 4-tier sufficient for a single database deployment? (least expensive) When should Classic Multi-site be considered? (moderate expense) When should Global Multisite be considered? (high expense)