SAP to TcUA integration

Session Number: 658
Connection/Track: Roundtable
Session Type: Roundtable
Primary Presenter: Round Table [Moderator]
Time: May 10, 2012 (03:25 PM - 05:25 PM)
Room: Miranda 3

Presentation Level: All of the above
Connection: None
Length: 85
User Role: End User of Siemens PLM Products at Company I work for (Not Siemens PLM)
Industry Presentation is Most Applicable Towards: Other
Primary Presenter Biography: Analyst Rep
Siemens Rep - Stefano Mongio, Mathias Mond (Tesis)
User Rep - Moderator, John Belden, Timken

Abstract:  Most businesses today have both ERP and PLM systems. Interfacing ERP and PLM systems like SAP and Teamcenter is difficult challenge because many business processes (ex engineering change management) require action and data in both environments. Requirements for these interfaces can vary by industry or company which drives different ways of setting up the topology and ownership of data across both systems.

1. How much data replication between ERP and PLM is necessary vs. nice to have?
2. What interface architecture should be used to connect PLM and ERP? A point to point interface like T4S? A more generic interface like the MDM module from SAP?
3. What role does Governance play in balancing the details of engineering related information and abstractions required to support supply chain execution?
4. Generically for any PLM to ERP integration what master data should reside where? What should drive the decision on which system is the master of a data element?
5. Where should your initial investment be made (ERP or PLM)?
6. What use cases or business processes have successfully been implemented using the TESIS T4S solution
7. Generically for any PLM to ERP integration does anyone have a process to determine what master data should reside where?