Detroit Regional Users Group 2012 Meeting

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Accelerate Product realization with DFM and MBE tools

Session Number: PT1002
Connection/Track: Partners
Session Type: Presentation
Primary Presenter: Nikhil Dalvi [Manager - Geometric]
Time: Oct 18, 2012 (01:20 PM - 02:05 PM)
Room: Ballroom F,G,H

Abstract:  Get Designs Right First Time with upstream Design Validation (Nikhil Dalvi)
Design and manufacturing are key areas in any Product development process but design for ease of manufacturing is neglected at times. It is realized at later stage that the design has to be changed to accommodate the manufacturing constraints and it leads to design and all downstream operations iterations. These engineering changes have a big impact on cost and the “time to market” as it involves, rework in design, tooling, manufacturing. The manufacturing of components can be simplified if DFM practice is followed at design stage. Such a process can also help in reducing the overall product cost improving assembly efficiency and eliminating some expensive tooling/operations. DFMPro is a framework to enable effective implementation of best practices during design.

Improve consumption of 3D design data for downstream processes (Ashish Deshmukh)
Industries are moving towards MBD which saves significant costs of 2D drawing creation and also ensures that all the downstream operations can be made more effective using the 3D master data. Use of out-of-date data by downstream users leads to rework, scrap, delays in schedule. Improving the process to enable consumption of “right” data is the key. 3D design data and collation of other related information from multiple enterprise systems makes a robust ecosystem for the organization. MBEWeb enables this mechanism to provide right information to all the internal and external stakeholders. It leads to reduction in scrap, rework and improves time to market.

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