RTT and Siemens – High-End Visualization for “Digital Product Realization”

Session Number: 13162
Connection/Track: General Session
Session Type: Teamcenter Connection
Tags: 3d animation, 3d rendering, Design Validation, Lifelike Virtual Prototyping, Sales & Marketing
Primary Presenter: Stu Johnson [Business Development - RTT USA, Inc.]
Time: Jun 04, 2013 (09:10 AM - 09:25 AM)

Presentation Level: Beginner
User Role: Signed PLM World Partner
Industry Presentation is Most Applicable Towards: Automotive & Transportation

Abstract:  RTT is a strategic partner of Siemens PLM Software and with RTT’s "DeltaGen for Teamcenter" extends the footprint of Teamcenter into the design centers and beyond into Sales and Marketing organizations. With industry leading software, solutions, and CGI services for photo-realistic use cases, RTT’s DeltaGen for Teamcenter allows users to author lifelike virtual prototypes – with real-time interaction - that are synchronized with managed CAD data in Teamcenter. An additional benefit of the Teamcenter integration includes managing the related library of high-end assets such as materials, textures, lights, scenes, etc. By leveraging Teamcenter as the single source of knowledge for the entire high-end scene, models can be designed with colors and materials to be evaluated across global markets. They can be validated for Perceived Quality (form, fit, function, and harmony) earlier than would be possible with physical prototypes and can be reviewed in real-time, stereo Virtual Reality. In addition, still images or videos can be published – for all buildable configurations – to support early market research, marketing literature, and point-of-sale configurators. RTT’s solutions extend the “digital thread” of product development from “art to part” to “art to market”.