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Envisioning Aligned BOM Management in Teamcenter

Session Number: 13669
Connection/Track: Partner 40-Minute Roundtable
Session Type: Teamcenter Connection
Primary Presenter: Kenneth Mcdade [TATA Consultancy Services]
Time: Jun 05, 2013 (04:55 PM - 05:35 PM)

Presentation Level: All Levels
User Role: End User of Siemens PLM Products at Company I work for (Not Siemens PLM)
Industry Presentation is Most Applicable Towards: Other

Abstract:  Today, companies struggle to keep Bill Of Materials aligned as product matures through the developmental lifecycle. The BOM information is managed in multiple enterprise systems and terms such as "As Designed, As Planned, As Built", have become a familiar part of our vocabulary. How can these multiple BOMs be approached from an Integrated Bill Of Material perspective, with aligned CAD and BOM structures and retain the alignment while running the change on Product. This session will take a bold and refreshing stand on how to accomplish this goal in a seamless, comprehensive approach.


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