Siemens PLM Connection 2015

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eQube®: Digital backbone for the Enterprise - leveraging investment in Teamcenter

Session Number: 15496
Connection/Track: General Session
Session Type: Partner Session - Select Below
Tags: 2015 Conference, BCT, Business Intelligence, Business Return of Investment, Business Strategy, data exchange, Decision Making, Digtial Enterprise, Enterprise Service Bus, Integration, Migration, MIgration to Teamcenter UA
Primary Presenter: Dinesh Khaladkar [President & CEO - eQ Technologic Inc]
Time: May 19, 2015 (05:00 PM - 05:15 PM)
Room: Lonestar Ballroom

Industry Presentation is Most Applicable Towards: All Industries
Presenter's User Role: PLM World Partner - Signed 2015

Abstract:  Many organizations have established PLM as one of their core strategy to gain competitive advantages: first-to-market, speed of new product introductions, increased new product launches, and reduction of waste throughout their business. Many of them have chosen Teamcenter as their solution to deliver on the PLM strategy.

Due to dynamic hyper-competitive market forces, new entrants in the market with disruptive technologies / solutions, government regulations, and changing customer expectations, the need to gain timely actionable insight from Teamcenter is more critical now than ever before. Such insight needs to be in the form of analytics capability with dynamic visualization and it needs to be available to end-users in near real-time while honoring Teamcenter security rules (a.ka., “BI in PLM” or “BI in Teamcenter”). In addition, the ‘insight’ from Teamcenter needs to be extended to include data from other core business systems (ERP, ALM, CAPP, Quality Systems, etc.) – essentially, a critical need for Enterprise-wide visibility leading to Actionable Insight.

Organizations committed to Teamcenter need a robust and agile approach with proven, industrial strength solution to move them from their existing PDM/PLM system (s) to Teamcenter. The solution needs to be able to synchronize years’ of critical data from Teamcenter Enterprise or other legacy PDM / PLM systems with Teamcenter. In addition, the integration of product data with manufacturing systems, planning systems, execution systems, warranty systems, test systems has become a fundamental need of the hour. Teamcenter has to be a part of an eco-system of integrated applications enabling efficient and agile business processes.

eQ’s platform for enterprise information infrastructure, eQube®, establishes a Digital Backbone of integrated applications and provides enterprise-wide visibility leading to Actionable Insight.

In the PLM context, eQube-BI/TcRA (Teamcenter Reporting & Analytics) is tightly integrated with Teamcenter and Active Workspace for visibility / analytics that can be extended to enterprise-wide visibility. eQube-MI integrates Teamcenter with other systems (ERP, ALM, CAPP, MES, ESM, etc.). In addition, eQube-MI synchronizes legacy systems with Teamcenter leading to orderly migration of legacy systems.

This presentation will provide a broad overview of the eQube platform with customer case studies.

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