Siemens PLM Connection 2016

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Model Based Definition Process Roundtable - Part I

Session Number: 16056
Connection/Track: Business Process Improvement Track - Product Development
Sub-Categorization: Other
Session Type: Roundtable - Discussion
Primary Presenter: Matt Johnston [Engineering Manager - Orbital ATK ]
Time: May 17, 2016 (01:15 PM - 02:15 PM)
Room: Gatlin E-2

Industry Presentation is Most Applicable Towards: Aerospace & Defense
Presentation Take Aways:

Abstract:  We’ve all heard of companies at conferences touting the benefits of adopting MBD (e.g. reduction in prototypes, decreased manufacturing errors, improved supplier response time, etc.), so what does it take to reap these benefits? This roundtable will provide an open discussion on the benefits and challenges of deploying Model Based Definition. Come prepared to learn from others as well as share your experiences deploying MBD initiatives.

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