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Deployment Excellence Track - Presenter Submission

Administration (OOTB Configuration, Security, NX formats, NX mapping, users, groups, roles, workgroups)

  • How to configure Teamcenter Validation for NX Check-Mate
  • How To replicate a production system ‘configuration’ (not the data) to a test system. Includes preferences, AM Rule Tree, revision rules, workflow, queries, organization, PLMXML rules, templates, etc.
  • Best Practices for Organizing your BMIDE templates -- Please share with us your thoughts on how to best set up your BMIDE projects. Should your entire data model exist in one monolithic project or should you break it up into separate projects focused on specific areas? Do you use Live Update, and if so, does that effect how you configure your projects?
  • Customer experience with using Teamcenter Auditing in Teamcenter 10. How are customers using this to meet their requirements and their process for retaining/archiving/purging the audit information
  • Customer experiences with debugging problems in Teamcenter. Include the basics of where to find log files, the types of information in each log file, and how to interpret the log files. Discuss commonly encountered problems and how to fix them and how to turn on/up debugging information to get more information on what is going on.
  • Workflow Designer Tips and Tricks
  • Walkthrough to creating a custom Dispatcher Translator
  • Content Migration Manager Process and Configuration
  • Client Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks
  • PLMXML Import/Export Administration Deep Dive
  • Automating Repetitive Administration Tasks
  • Monitoring Your Teamcenter Environment
  • Best practices in removing or modifying business model objects in the BMIDE


  • How to Redo your Data Model -- Chances are that anyone whose designed a Teamcenter data model that's been populated with real data now realizes that they should have done something different somewhere. As your requirements Teamcenter's features evolve there may come a time when it makes sense to completely revamp the data model. But how do you get your data from its current state into a new data model? Do you transform the data in place or do you migrate the data from its current system into a new system? Or is it better to leave the existing data as it is and only adopt the new model for new data? What tools and methodologies have you used? What lessons learned can you report? Was the effort successful?
  • Go-live Teamcenter experiences
  • Different methods for deploying configuration and customizations to Teamcenter
  • A deployment methodology that enables end users without full local admin rights to install, run, and update Teamcenter and NX without having them become IT knowledgeable in disabling User Access Control and ‘Run As Administrator’ requirements
  • An example of FMS side-caching with Store & Forward where the files in the local volume are cached in the FSC before being transferred to the Destination Volume
  • Tools and Processes for Generating, Annotating and Collating PDF drawings
  • Best practices for deploying updates and patches using silent TEM including pitfalls and caveats
  • Teamcenter Reduction - The challenge of boiling off division specific customizations, configurations, attributes, workflows, preferences, et. al. into one robust standardized Teamcenter Environment
  • Configuring FMS for Performance and/or Redundancy
  • Teamcenter RAC deployment strategies – making the deployment easier, more efficient, and less cumbersome

NX Programming Tools (Knowledge Fusion, NX Open)

  • Roundtable for NX programming
  • How to turn journals into applications
  • Advanced NX Open tips including: Object Selection and Assemblies and Positioned Components, how to get the correct geometry of the positioned components (instance) as opposed to the base part (prototype) especially when there are multiple instances of the part the same level
  • A presentation on the programming tools / libraries that companies have built for their own internal use
  • How to develop Block dialogs using NX/Open and/or Knowledge Fusion
  • Visual Studio for NX Open development advanced tips and tricks.

Teamcenter Platform Extensibility(Integration, customization)

  • Best practices in removing or modifying business model objects in the BMIDE 


  • Teamcenter Enterprise BulkDump Filter
  • Teamcenter 10.1 Upgrade experiences

System Architecture and Performance

  • Teamcenter Performance Tuning. Presentation material may include: How To Optimize Teamcenter WAN performance both with and without a WAN accelerator; Database Tuning for SQL or Oracle
  • Customer Experience with High Availability Teamcenter Architecture
  • NX Performance Tuning


If you have any other additional topic ideas that do not fit into the above categories, please submit that here.