Unigraphics in the 60's


United Computing founded by John Wright and a couple of other people.

The original offices were two rooms above a hairdressing salon in Torrance, CA (about 15 miles south of Los Angeles).


John Wright, Founder of United Computing

PDP8_Small[1].gifThe first product released by United Computing was UNIAPT, which was a minicomputer based version of APT (Automatic Programmed Tool).  APT is a part programming language used to compute tool paths that are then post processed and punched onto a paper tape The paper tape is then read into an NC machine tools where the program controls the movement of the cutter thus producing the part that was described using the APT language (a DEC PDP-8, one of the configurations sold by United, with a paper tape punch/reader is shown at the right).

The unique thing about UNIAPT was that is was one of the first CAM products that was sold to the actual end users.  Up until this time most companies created their NC programs using time-sharing services from large providers such as McAuto (McDonnell Douglas Automation, a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas Corp) and UCC (University Computing Corporation).  The versions of APT used by these companies were all running on large mainframes and the cost of programming, debugging and editing a program could be very expensive.  UNIAPT provided a lower cost alternative for small to medium sized companies of the era.  Early UNIAPT brochures are shown below (to see complete copies of these brochures, please visit the "Archives").



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