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Here in the Archive of Miscellaneous Material you will find several unusual items from the past of Unigraphics.  These range across the spectrum of things that may be of interest to many people.  Many of these items were originally intended for internal use by the Unigraphics organization, but are of such an age that they now have significant historical value in and of themselves and are included here for that reason.  Most of these will have full-size, readable versions available for you to examine (just select the image of the item).  The items are placed in roughly chronological order of publication.

UPL (United's Programming Language) Assembler Manual (circa 1973).

Cover Page 1 Page 2

UPL (United's Programming Language) was a proprietary computer language developed by United Computing during the 60's when standard languages were sometimes not suitable for some of the newer applications being developed then.  This was the situation that United Computing found themselves in when they started to develop UNIAPT and the post processors that went with them.  Many old timers will recall that during the early days of both UNIAPT and Unigraphics, the post processors were often referred to as "UPL Posts".  The manual below was used by United programmers in the CAM group.

UniAPT Postprocessor Price List (circa 1974)

Filmstrip and cassette tape of an early UniAPT presentation

Generic Point Subfunction Specification, August, 1977

Cover Page 1 Page 2

This document was part of the presentations made by United Computing personnel at the 2nd Annual Unigraphics Users Meeting held in Long Beach, CA in August, 1977.

GRIP II Specification (circa 1977).

United Computing UG Training Certificate (circa 1977)

United Computing GRIP Training Certificate (circa 1978)

Unigraphics development organization chart (circa 1979).

Memo announcing the merging of United Computing into McAuto.

Sample of punch cards used by McAuto


These punched cards were used as the primary means of programming Unigraphics during the 70's and well into the 80's.  In fact, the archived copies of the source code was routinely stored on punched cards due to the fact that it was the most stable media available at the time.  The last of the Unigraphics punch card based archives were not disposed of until after the EDS acquisition in 1991 and the Cypress facility was moved to the present location in 1992.

Price quote for a DEC PDP-11/70 system.
Note that this CPU could support 4 to 6 Unigraphics stations (the price above did NOT include the Unigraphics design stations nor the Unigraphics software, also note the estimated delivery schedule, things have sure changed haven't they?).

Unigraphics development organization chart (circa 1980).

Unigraphics I Data Definition (circa 1981)

This manual contains a complete set of entity descriptions, and their part file data formats, for Unigraphics I.  The significance of this document is that it represents the last revenue generated by Unigraphics I earned by the Unigraphics organization.  In 1992 (hence the reason for the EDS logo added to the document pages) this manual was sold and a license was given to a company creating a translator to read Unigraphics I part files.  This was a one time license as the translator was going to be used to process the archive files for one customer only.

Movie Script for the Unigraphics promotional movie, "Doorway to Growth" (circa 1982)
Movie_script[1].jpg This movie, which had a very slick ending scene was sometimes called the "Smoking Door" since that last scene had the "star" walking into the "future" by stepping through a modern "Star Trek" like door with a lot of stage smoke seen just beyond.

The A1 Tool benchmark part (aka, the "Ashtray")

McAuto Name Plate
McAuto_nameplate[1].jpg Name plates like these were provided for all of the McAuto sales offices in the 80's.  This particular one came from the Chicago, IL office.

GRIP Programming Manual

Souvenir from the GM/EDS benchmark

Paul Sickings Shamrock Presentation

Unigraphics development organization chart (circa 1988).

Cover sheet of the V10.0 Development Release Plan.

The famous V9 to V10 Transition Guide

1997 GST Agenda

The autograph on the cover of this agenda belongs to Jackie Stewart of Formula 1 fame.

SEC Form S-1 (Registration for Public Offering) for Unigraphics Solutions, Inc.

Unigraphics Solutions Inc. IPO Prospectus

Unigraphics Solutions 1998 Annual Report

Unigraphics Solutions 1999 Annual Report

UGS 2000 Annual Report

EDS Tender Offer for UGS Shares, September 2001

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