How was my Tuesday?

Pretty good....PLM World is always full of good materials

I was hoping for a little more from the general session..but thats because I'm a data hog.  I spent some time in the Vizualization sessions and then in the Management Connection looking at finaicial concepts for PLM. 

The visual reporting is very interesting to me.  At B/E we currently have workflows that status parts during their lifecycle.  When the statuses of an entire program are aggregated we see the status of the program.  With the visual reporting we can color code all released parts green.  Or filter and tag by other attributes. 

Also during the day I spent some time talking to HD Solutions and got a nice view of their product.  We are interested in a materials library at B/E that allows us to manage the materials as individual items that can be applied to parts from NX or Tc.  HDS may be able to help us.  We will have to talk some more details to get a better picture. 

Originally: Released: May 05, 2011 09:34 AM in Dave Ewing's PLM World Blog

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