Another Conference Comes to an End - Parting Thoughts

With the exception of a few training sessions on Friday, the 2011 Siemens PLM Connection conference has officially ended. I have just finished packing my bags for the trip home tomorrow (thank God for tailwind - I hate long flights in small planes). Before I check out in the morning I thought I take a moment to pass along some parting thoughts and share some feedback.

All in all, the conference was very well received. Everyone enjoyed it, the sessions were great, the training sessions were packed beyond capacity and well beyond expectations. The partners were very pleased with the venue, the layout and the large crowds that hopefully will give them new business contracts or opportunities. Members of press that attended were impressed - we had a lot more this year than last which is great publicity for us. The last I heard was that we had around 1938 attendees - an astounding accomplishment and well beyond our projected attendance for this year.

Today, we had our usual post conference SIG leader luncheon were we heard from the all the SIGs about the various tracks they hosted and the feedback was very positive. Many sessions were full standing room only and the response from the attendees was very positive. We did listen to some suggestions for improvements next year like better room utilization and of course the early start at 7:00 AM for breakfast. We heard from a lot of you about this and the PLM Board of directors will certainly take this into consideration as we make plans for next year. 

We also had our post conference board meeting and continued to hear more good news about how well the conference went. Larry Baker, manager of Siemens Educational Services continued to pile on more good news with better than expected attendance for training sessions. We could have had more had the rooms been arranged differently, something that he has already proposed to the board for next year.

As for Social Media, we did see a lot of tweeting going on - about 500 - 600 tweets between many of you. I thank you all for your particpation and look forward to continuing this throughout the year. We would like to see this continue and I plan to develop some better tracking statistics so that we can monitor the activity and share with many of you the progress we are making to promote and leverage the technology of various Social Media applications.

Speaking of progress, in the next week we will launch the second phase of the PLMWorld website. This will fully replace the current website with many new features are being rolled out. Many of the user presentations will be made available for download from the new website. You will be receiving emails on more details so I won't spoil any surprises.

John Manderfield has returned to replace Jon Jarret who has served out his term as the PLMWorld Board Chairman. Many thanks to Jon for his leadership in helping make our annual conference the biggest and the best PLM conference. We look forward to having Mr. Manderfield back in the chairmanship and to continue our journey to more successful user events in the future.

Over the next several weeks - I will continue to compile the remaining photos and videos and upload them to the website. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, let any of us know and we will be glad to hear from you!

We look forward to seeing you all again next year back here in Las Vegas!




Originally: Released: May 05, 2011 11:32 PM in 2011 Siemens PLM Connection Blog

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