Industry Night Overview

Tonight's Industry Night was well attended in all of the Miranda Conference rooms. While it is hard to put an exact count on how many attended - the rooms were relatively full. Aerospace & Defense had a strong showing followed by Automotive, Machinery, Consumer and High Tech. Since attendees were allowed to roam freely between rooms, it is not very clear how well each industry was represented. 

Without question, Industry Night is perhaps a best example of Social Networking at work where both users and employees of Siemens PLM products and our partners had a chance to meet and catch up from past events. I had a chance to meet with friends and colleagues I have known over the years and also made new contacts. Many have changed jobs, some I noticed have not returned, a sign of a changing yet still struggling economy. I did notice many new and younger faces - another sign that a new generation is slowly coming in.

I had a chance to talk with one of our partners, Juergen Hilleman from BCT Technologies, the maker of the successful iPad App for Teamcenter. I commended his company for launching a successful product on a new mobile platform. I asked why there isn't an app for other platforms like Android to which he replied that Apple's strong market showing and highly proprietary and mature IOS platform makes it easier to provide a robust and reliable product. He is not ruling out Android yet however and hinted it as a possiblity, but not in the very near future.  By the way - be sure to stop at booth 11 at the Partner's Exhibit on Monday and Tuesday night and check out BCT's iPad app for Teamcenter. BCT is giving away a free iPod 2 and a chance to win $100 in the punchcard drawing, so don't forget to get your card punched.


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