Regional Users Group Fall Meeting Series – New Process, More Support and Exciting New Features

We are excited to be diving into the fall series of Regional Users Group (RUG) meetings this year. With a new website, new process, and new registration system, the RUGs in conjunction with PLM World and Siemens PLM Software are hard at work organizing the fall Regional Meetings.

RUG Communities on the New PLM World Website

RUG Community page.jpgIf you haven’t taken the time to look around the Regional Users Group Section of our new website, I would highly recommend it. We are excited to offer these new features of our website. Each RUG now has their own community page located here. Within each community page there is a message forum, file sharing, calendar, blogs and more.  We hope these additional features will be beneficial to you and make communication and networking simple between members within each RUG community. If you are not part of a RUG, be sure to join a Community through PLM World to start networking and utilizing all of the great tools we now have available.







The newly formed Go Big team has been hard at work developing a completely new process for conducting the Fall Regional Users Group meetings. This team, consisting of Siemens representatives, PLM World representatives and RUG leader representatives has been meeting weekly via conference calls to organize and develop this new process. The main goal of the team has been to create a unified event structure that makes it easier to plan, and offers the maximum benefit to the attendees in each region.   Once this task was completed the rest of the plan has fallen into place. The RUGs are starting to incorporate the efforts of the GO BIG team as they organize their meetings, specifically within creating an agenda made up of both user and SPLM presentations.  

PLM World working with the RUGs

RUG REG screen shot.jpgPLM World will be offering a new level of support to the RUG meetings this year, specifically in the form of registration for the meetings. As most of you have noticed, with the switch to the new website earlier this year came many new features and options offered to members of PLM World. One of these features is the ability to create individual events within our website for each RUG Meeting, in addition to our own annual conference event. For the RUG Meetings this fall, the leaders now have a seamless process for registration through the PLM World website.They will also have total access to registration and reports, options to create an interactive agenda and tools to conduct a post meeting survey. This will improve their attendee experience, and offer a new way for you to provide feedback to them through the survey tools.

RUG Presentation.jpgWhile PLM World is helping in the administrative aspect of the meetings, the bulk of the planning and decision making on topics, tracks, internal decisions are still made by each individual RUG Board. We know that each RUG leader understands their users interests best and can provide the most accurate decisions for what is in demand within their area.  We are hoping to absorb the time and effort associated with the administrative tasks and let the RUG Leaders focus on really listening to the user and developing an agenda for their individual RUG Meeting creating an experience that benefits the local user as much as possible.  



We are excited to support the Regional Users Groups as they get underway with their fall regional meetings this year.  Jumping head first into a new format is exciting, challenging and very rewarding. While this is still a new process for all of us, we are excited and eager to get this first wave of meetings underway.  Both Southern California and Indiana will be featuring their meetings at the end of this month, and registration is open and active for these groups. New York State, Southwest and Midwest RUGs will be holding meetings in October. Closing out the fall series in November are meetings in New England, Rocky Mountain, and the joint Chicago and Wisconsin RUGs.  We encourage you to get involved with the RUGs in your area. Please remember to look to PLM Worlds Regional Users Group Page  for a full list of RUGs.



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