Midwest RUG Update

Contributed by Jon Jarrett

The Midwest RUG was held Friday Oct 14th Minnesota. About 100 user attendees and several other partners and Siemens representatives. Thirty-five different companies were represented. The tracks were well represented with NX, Teamcenter, and NX CAM having the most attendees. The simulation track had a good half dozen folks as well as Solid Edge. The venue was at a very nice machine shop and they received a lot of great compliments. The attendee’s seemed to be very pleased with the entire meeting and several even approached me about the national event and possibility even presenting. I encouraged them to also volunteer to speak at the next Midwest RUG. Some even asked that they get together early next year for a focused meeting with NX or Teamcenter.

This year's RUG was also bittersweet as this is Rollo Cain’s last year participating from a leadership role. When he made an emotional announcement that this was his last RUG meeting, everyone in attendance gave him a very nice round of applause and he was even more touched. As there is that love/hate relationship with Rollo because he sometimes comes across a bit gruff, he has certainly been one of those users who has stepped up time and time again, and has just done a great job!  We will miss Rollo.

In talking with several attendees, several of them mentioned that they either didn’t know who their Siemens account rep was, or haven’t talked with them in a long time. I think that a couple of good things could happen:

1. Encourage the account rep to personally invite users to the RUG meeting

2. The attendee list could be provided to SPLM prior to the conference and the account rep’s so that they could reach out to those who signed up to visit with them prior to the conference

3. Ask that the account rep reach out to the attendee’s following the conference to see how things went and see if they have any other questions.

4. Provide any feedback to PLM World on their follow-up visits

Not sure how easy this would be, but I think that it would put an extra touch on the attendees and make them feel like more of a team. I sense that some feel like they are all alone on this journey with SPLM software. It would just be one more way to reach out to let them know that we’re all in this together.

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