Attending the Midwest Regional User Group Meeting

I recently attended the Midwest RUG Plymouth, Minnesota, with about 100 user attendees and several other partners and Siemens representatives.  Thirty-five different companies were represented.  The tracks were well represented with NX, Teamcenter, and NX CAM having the most attendees.  The Simulation and Solid Edge track also had good representation.  The venue was at a very nice manufacturing and solution provider facility, Applied CIM Technologies, who utilizes a wide variety of Siemens products.  The venue was great!  The attendee’s seemed to be very pleased with the entire meeting and several even approached me about the national event and participating in other events throughout the year.   


The only bittersweet moment is when Rollo Cain, announced that this would be his last RUG meeting.  Rollo has been participating in RUG’s in one way or another for about 22 years.  For most of the 22 years, Rollo has been the leader of the RUG, meaning that he’s been responsible to plan and carry out the event.  His methods have been well received and we have even incorporated several items into a “RUG in a box” package for new leaders to use.  We will certainly miss Rollo’s presence and his leadership.  Best of luck to Rollo in his new endeavors.


Would love to hear any comments that people have on the recent Midwest RUG event or any thoughts that you might have on experiences that you’ve had with Rollo over the past 22 years .


Jon Jarrett

PLM World, Past Chairman

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Rollo's leadership of the Midwest RUG

December 20, 2011 11:44 AM by Mark Stilley

I want to thank Rollo for his many years leading the Midwest RUG. I want to thank him for making the effort to reach out to the local Teamcenter Enterprise users after the SDRC merger with UGS and asking for us to be included in the future Midwest PLM World RUG group meetings from that point on.

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