Fall 2011 Chicago and Wisconsin Users Group

The Fall 2011 Chicago and Wisconsin users group meeting in Pleasant Prairie, WI started with a continental breakfast and thankfully only a little snow. The opening reception was filled with attendees eager to start the annual day of presentations, networking and some good fun just as it started twenty years ago. After speaking with Kevin Jongsma and Scott Stephens it is easy to see why the Chicago and Wisconsin users group is the largest in the nation.

 See pictures of the event here

Each year, users from the Chicagoland area and eastern Wisconsin gather to discuss and collaborate ideas using any and all Siemens software products. The conference has been used as an example for other users groups due to its dedicated board and outstanding organization. Part of the success is due to the fact that the users group pulls from two regions and has a joint board. With more resources and more users, the conference attracts more vendors and can occupy a large venue. All of these factors, however, require an enormous amount of preparation and organization that both Jongsma and Stephens enthusiastically provide.


“We have weekly conferences with up to twelve people just for this day,” Jongsma states.


The eight attending partners and 164 attendees this year appreciated it. Users attend this regional conference in order to learn and develop new skills while networking with other users, something that requires a comfortable environment and organized space. The joint board has not only accomplished that, but is still striving to do more.


Stephens mentions, “Very soon we’ll have a Twitter or a LinkedIn.”


Social media has been a driving force for both international revolutions and the expansion of organizations. It is apparent, also, in PLM World. There has been a shift to publish news and events online and the joint board of the Chicago and Wisconsin users group is not to be left behind.


Need more proof?


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Chicago & Wisconsin User Group

November 11, 2011 09:42 PM by John Manderfield

Thanks for the blog update...I missed being able to get up there this year, but it sounds like they had the best conference yet. Congrats to all who helped make it happen.

John Manderfield

The Atendees from Sullair were impressed!

November 14, 2011 10:10 AM by Tim Myers

Great Job on the conference. This was the first time we attended the combined area meeting. We came away with good useful information that we will be able to share with all the designers at Sullair. What I really liked was the consistant feel to the world conference just more condensed. Thanks.

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