Getting the most out of your conference experience

Note: To find out how you can win an iPad3, read the article.

In the next few days, many of you traveling to Las Vegas for the annual Siemens PLM Connection conference will no doubt be busy trying to decide what to pack for the 4-day event. While making your checklist of what to bring, you can cross off notebook paper, pen and or pencils. 

For those of you fortunate enough to attend and represent your company, school or organization, there is no better way to make sure your friends, family, colleagues and your management are informed of what is happening than to use Social Media and Cloud-based applications. While sitting through the keynotes and user presentations by your peers, you can provide personalized live coverage or take your own notes on your tablet, smartphone or laptop with WiFi or 3G/4G wireless connection. What’s more, get a few snapshots of some of the products and services on display at the Partner Exhibit, the scenery around Vegas and photos of new friends you will make while at the conference.


You may already have what you need to take advantage of the technology available. At least one of the following will get you started: Smartphone like iPhone, HTC, Droid,  a tablet like the iPad or an Android type,  and a laptop with built-in wireless or wireless card or USB adapter to connect to your Internet Plan like Verizon or AT&T. 

Social Media

There are many Social Media applications available that you can use to provide quick updates to what is happening.  Facebook and Twitter are the best as they provide access to a much wider audience and readily available for any device. 

If you do not have an account with either, I would recommend starting with Twitter. (  On-line help on starting up is available here -

Once you have your twitter account set up you can tweet or search for all tweets related to the conference using the #plmconx hashtag. You can also reply to tweets or forward tweets. A comprehensive list of information on how to use Twitter can be found on the Twitter site at this link -

You can also upload and tweet photos and videos from your Smartphone to Twitpic ( Taking pictures of presenters and presentation slides is not permitted during the sessions. You are free to interview and photograph subjects outside of the sessions and share them as long as you have their permission.

Another site for pictures is Flickr ( . While there are many sites for uploading photos and videos, Flickr is the popular choice by Siemens PLM and PLMWorld for photos from conferences and tagged using the same Twitter hashtag (plmconx).  If you take photos or videos during conference and would like to share them with us – be sure to enter plmconx in the tag field when you upload or edit your photos.

Siemens PLM Connection has a Facebook page at  When you click on the link and arrive at this page – be sure to post your status before, during the conference and after the conference. Your comments and thoughts are welcome and we encourage exchange of information and ideas. Please be civil and respectful of others when you post.

If you have a Facebook account, you may be eligible to win a brand new iPad3 in a drawing during Partner’s Exhibit on Tuesday nite.  Go to our Facebook page at and click on the Like Button.


That’s all there is to it. Only one entry per attendee.  Please read contest rules here - Don't have Facebook? There is still time to sign up for one - but hurry - only a week left before conference starts

Cloud-based applications 

If tweeting and posting facebook status does not feed your journalistic appetite for covering the conference, there are many on-line tools available.  You can blog or write your own content that you can use to share with your co-workers and managers when you return and also organize on-line links to articles and websites, contact information and on-line media you have picked up from the Partner exhibits, Siemens PLM kiosks and other attendees.


Start your own blog by signing up for a free blogging site. I highly recommend using Google’s Blogger and Wordpress  Both are very easy to use and take only a few minutes to set up.

Once you have created your blog entry, be sure to tag it using #plmconx or plmconx. Content created or uploaded whose tag attribute contains plmconx can be found using search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. Try it yourself!

Journal Entry

Blogging may not be for everyone and some of us just want to make our own notes or journal entries without sharing it with the blogosphere. Sometimes you may find yourself without your personal laptop where you can type your own observations and dread the thought of writing it down only to have to type it in later, applications in the “cloud” may have an answer to your dilemma

Google Docs ( and Microsoft’s Skydrive ( cloud applications allow you to create, edit and store documents on the web and access it from any web-enabled device like your Smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Both provide the full suite of applications such as word precessing, spreadsheet and presentations. The Microsoft site mimics many of the features found on its popular MS Office applications and also includes One Note. The Google site can read MS Office document as well as other formats.

If you do not have 3G wireless for your laptop or tablet and only use WiFi enabled devices, these cloud applications may be worth considering. Evernote ( , Simplenote ( and Springpad (  provide free apps for download to your laptop, smartphone or tablet devices. They allow you to create, edit, organize and store content offline until you are able to synchronize them on the cloud when you are within range of WiFi hotspot.

We look forward to seeing all of you and hope you will have a rich and rewarding experience at Siemens PLM Connection 2012 in Las Vegas!


If you need help or answers to questions about Social Media at Siemens PLM Connection 2012, we will hold a Meetup (or Tweetup) during the Industry Night session on Sunday May 6th.


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