Tip: PMIs available company-wide with JT and BCT Inspector Viewer

The 2D drawing is, in spite of the improvements in 3D CAx tools, still the common communication medium between design department and downstream process steps that contains all manufacturing information.


In the traditional approach every drawing has to be considered as a document derived from the 3D model, that contains basically information that has been generated by the designer.


With PMIs (Product Manufacturing Information) drawing and manufacturing information can be attached in design directly to the 3D model.


In an entirely 3D environment all parts can be referenced in 3D assemblies and installation instructions. A clear identification of the instances is possible at any time, which brings advantages in the design and change management process and particularly in the distribution of information to manufacturing, maintenance and repair or service.


Design engineering processes are shortened as drawings don't have to be created. Additionally there is an essential reduction of potential error sources at engineering changes. The 3D model is the single and central data source which reduces time effort for information search and increases efficiency.


BCT Inspector Viewer supports this process with:

  • Visualisation of 3D PMI data in the quality process
  • OEM Creation and export of 2D and 3D data directly from the CAD system
  • Management of the characteristic data in Teamcenter
  • Characteristic data is available to other departments or suppliers

Visualization of 2D and 3D data without any CAD system

Easy creation of reports

Entry of inspection results

  • Modify characteristic data without CAD system

Edit characteristic data (assign measurement method, operation,...)

Modified characteristics are integrated into the quality process

  • Any modified information can be integrated into the next revision of the CAD data


  • Automated extraction of 2D and 3D model data
  • CAD independent visualization of 2D and 3D data with neutral viewer (BCT Inspector Viewer)
  • Direct export of user defined reports
  • Relation between characteristics and drawing information allows visual and numerical compare



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