Tip of the Month: Teamcenter Subscription Manager

Teamcenter provides the possibility of being informed on events using notification rules and subscription



Users who want to be notified as soon as an event occurs on a specific object can use subscriptions within Teamcenter. Subscriptions can be applied on 67 object types and 92 event types, such as::

  • Check in/out of an item or item revision
  • Status change of an object
  • Special status is set for an object
  • An item is created
  • A UGMASTER dataset is created
  • A UGPART dataset is created

A notification and subscription wizard guides the user through the set-up of a subscription, which includes the subscription and notification details:

  • Object type
  • Event
  • Date
  • Execution time

The notification details contains the information that will appear in the notification email, e.g.:

  • Subject
  • Receiver
  • Additional message
  • Attributes to be notified

Notifications are sent internally to the selected person/s and can be viewed in the Teamcenter internal task list. Optionally a message can be sent to an an email program.

The email message can contain the following information, that depend on the set-up of the notification wizard:

  • Subscription object
  • Subscriptionn object type
  • Notification for event
  • Event initiated by
  • Time of event
  • Site name

The setup subscriptions and notification can be managed via the subscription manager. Subscriptions can be searched and edited within the manager dialog, e.g. execution time or notification time.


BCT PLM Newsfeed

BCT PLM Newsfeed is a BCT PDM Add-on that enhances and supports the Teamcenter subscription manager. BCT PLM Newsfeed allows you to check objects on specific events. The event list complements the event types of the subscription functionality in Teamcenter. With BCT PLM Newsfeed you can display objects that are in a workflow in order to track changes. BCT PLM Newsfeed lists event historically.


The event types within BCT PLM Newsfeed are individually expandable and can be customized to customer specific needs. Teamcenter Web Client (Thin Client) can be started directy from BCT PLM Newsfeed, the selected object can be directly processed.


BCT PLM Newsfeed is an RSS feed, integral part of BCToogle and thus free of charge.

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