Migration to Teamcenter Unified Architecture

On schedule and clear budget implementation

Project Volume

The migration to Teamcenter Unified Architecture is not only a simple update. In order to ensure an implementation on schedule with a clear budget, adequate resources must be planned for this project.

BCT has already successfully conducted migrations to Teamcenter Unified Architecture and thus can revert to several best practices to reduce the needed ressources.

The project comprises:

  • Creation/management of the customer specific data model
  • Compatibility with CAD versions (NX, Solid Edge, etc.)
  • Locations (optionally consolitdation of Multi-Sites)
  • New licence model (Named User licenses)
  • Operating system (32 or 64bit)
  • Hardware/network customization (2-tier or 4-tier)

 An important element is the consideration of the supported version combinations.

Our recommendation:

Due to the complexity of such a migration, a CAD upgrade should not be done concurrently to the Teamcenter migration. A matrix of the supported version combinations is provided in the PDF file.

Project Plan

The Migration to Teamcenter Unified Architecture done by BCT follows a standardized procedure based on proven best practices.

 Project coordination: It starts with a

  •  Kick-off meeting and the
  • Definition of a realistic project plan

followed by the set-up of a test system, that comprises the following steps:

  •  System supply
  • Preparation: Analysis
  • Server installation (Upgrade)
  • Clients installation
  • Customizations
  • Training
  • Test phase

Only after a successful test phase the upgrade of the productive system is done incl. a recommended refile of the NX data.

In the initial phase, the analysis of the data model is very important, because beginning with Teamcenter Unified Architecture a new application is available for the management of the customer specific data model: BMIDE (Business Modeler Integrated Development Environment).

The following configurations are managed with BMIDE:

  •  Types (item types, dataset types, ...)
  • Master data (attributes)
  • LOV (list of values)
  • Deep copy rules

After a migration this BMIDE customer project is the basis for all further customizations.

If during the migration collisions occur due to customer specific types (item type, dataset, etc) that are now found in the Teamcenter standard data model, this collisions must be removed prior. For this purpose Teamcenter Upgrade Tools are provided:

  •  Type Analysis Tool
  • Change Type Name

The actual Teamcenter Migration is done with the known Teamcenter Environment Manager.


Our specialists will be happy to help and answer your questions. Contact: Joerg Kohlmann, phone +49 7852 996-221


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