Usage status and BOM Check For Part Variety Reduction

BCT aClass is not only a tool for finding and reducing parts, features, materials and design solutions, BCT also provides methods for part variety reduction. Two of them we will describe here: usage status and BOM Check.

The usage status in BCT aClass allows the control with an arbitrary Teamcenter attribute if a classified element is labeled as "Preferred part" or as "Not to be used". The Teamcenter attributes that containt the information for the control of the usage status can be freely defined. The simplest case means e.g. a value "20" "Preferred part" and a value "90" "Not to be used".

This information is interpreted by BCT aClass and the element in the classification is displayed accordingly. The display, text style (italic, bold, etc) and the color can be controlled depending on the usage status. The usage status can be also set in BCT aClass, but this information is often entered from other systems (e.g. ERP by purchasing department) and synchronized to Teamcenter.

BOM Check uses the usage status and allows interactively or automatically to check the usage status of used components when saving an assembly in CAD. If the assembly contains components with the false usage status the user is informed and can replace the components with BCT aClass.

Details on how this can be configured with BCT aclass are available in the document help_BCT_aClass_Configuration_en.pdf in chapter 3.3 and chapter 3.4. The document is saved in the BCT installation directory bct_help/bct_aclass or for download at the bottom of this page. Chapter 3 "Best Practice" also contains other helpful information on BCT aClass.




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