The Teamcenter Database Decision (Microsoft)

As a mission-critical PLM solution, Teamcenter requires an underlying database that meets enterprise performance, manageability, and security requirements in a cost effective manner. To understand more about Teamcenter database decision criteria, Wipro interviewed Teamcenter users to learn how Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 and Oracle Database 11g compare in a Teamcenter environment and to identify the most important decision criteria for choosing a Teamcenter database.

Below is a summary of Wipro’s findings:

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Data from independent studies and Wipro interviews found that Microsoft SQL Server 2008 has a lower TCO when compared to Oracle Database 11g, resulting in recognizable costs savings in each of three main TCO categories.


TCO Category                       Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Benefit over Oracle Database 11g

     IT Labor                                  24 percent lower IT labor costs

     Software                                 44 percent lower software costs1

     Hardware                                Up to 38 percent lower cost2

1 Includes initial and ongoing costs for a three year period.

2 The 38% savings is when comparing

SQL Server running on Windows Server and Oracle running on Unix. When comparing SQL and Oracle both running on Windows Server, the hardware cost difference is negligible.

Licensing Customers said that Microsoft’s licensing model is easier to understand than Oracle’s and provides more cost effective deployment strategies, making planning and acquisition easier and long term costs lower

Platform Respondents noted that SQL Server 2008 performs as well as or better than Oracle Database 11g in the platform categories of Scalability, Performance, and Ease of Use.

Security During the 48 months preceding the study, SQL Server had zero critical vulnerabilities, as recorded by the National Vulnerability Database; this compares with over 300 recorded Oracle vulnerabilities.

Manageability SQL Server 2008 provides built-in manageability, and its tight integration with Windows Server 2008 gives IT a comprehensive platform for Teamcenter.

When queried, seventy-three percent of those interviewed said that if they were making the Oracle vs. Microsoft database decision today, they would deploy Teamcenter on Microsoft SQL Server 2008. For companies deploying Teamcenter, SQL Server 2008 delivers cost savings advantages, strong platform characteristics, and proven security. In addition, because it is integrated into the Microsoft platform, it provides a familiar and easy-to-use set of tools that make database management simpler than Oracle Database 11g.

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