2013 CIP Voting Is Now Open

It's time to act! 2013 CIP voting is now open until May 17th.

Please find some time before May 17th to vote for your desired enhancements to the I-DEAS to NX Migration process. It is very important that Siemens PLM hears from the PLM World membership regarding enhancements. The larger our participation in this process, the more influence we have over the future direction of the software. Let's make an impact on the future of the software tools that we use every day.

Here is the link to the 2013 CIP voting: http://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/CIP

For those that do not know about CIP (Customer Involvement Process) go to the following link:


"The Customer Involvement Process (CIP) is a joint program between the PLM World and Siemens PLM Software where our PLM World members have the opportunity to vote for the number one enhancement in each of (8) product areas to vote on: NX Design, Drafting & PMI, NX Routing, Simulation, NX Nastran, Manufacturing, Programming Tools, and Teamcenter (Unified Architecture). Siemens PLM Development teams have committed one person-year of effort to implement the favored enhancement projects in each product area."

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