PLM on Cloud: Teamcenter is Ready!

PLM on Cloud: Teamcenter is Ready!.

PLM on Cloud erases the problems of language barriers, time differences in various zones, and inappropriate accounts of product data. Companies are empowered to control and analyze product in formations even including bills of materials (BOM), specifications for parts and customize orders online. Even the companies who generally go for outsourcing their parts to various manufactures can also be benefitted from PLM on Cloud. They can instantly update their specifications on cloud and be rest assured that that is being followed by their counterparts across the globe.

PLM in the cloud - A viable solution for data management

SIMENS answeredPLM on Cloud” with their newly certified, user friendly “Active Workspace” technology. The Active Workspace is a zero install web client that brings a broad set of Teamcenter functionality to a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.

This year Siemens PLM Connection 2013 in  Dallas Sheraton, Teamcenter on Cloud is presented, discussed, brain stormed by Siemens, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM with huge number of customers. Dave Mitchell, Vice President, Teamcenter CTO, Sandy Coleman, Project Manager, Bobby Florence, Siemens Teamcenter Cloud Architect,  Rick Cortright, Teamcenter Cloud Architect shared their solution, vision and success stories during this exciting event.

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Whether using a traditional mouse-driven computer or a touch display found on Windows8 devices, iPads, and Android OS tablets, the Active Workspace client delivers a solid experience. Interactive charts not only help you to understand data better, but also serve as a convenient touch interface to carryout functions such as drilling down through filter search results to a specific result set.

Here is a simple UI of Active Workspace client. With a mouse click or touch screen, you can get to your action items, review and take decision.

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Teamcenter Cloud PLM is undoubtedly one of the best solutions which can invariably accelerate the quantity and quality for the manufacturers worldwide in a more centralized and compact mode.

Ways through which Teamcenter Cloud PLM solutions delivers superior protection:

  • Protected data centers
  • Multiple firewall systems
  • Strong data inscription
  • Strong Backup data options

Teamcenter Cloud PLM has huge strength to accomplish an important part of conventional PLM offerings. Many organizations appreciate the advantages of Teamcenter Cloud PLM solutions and have been able to reap the benefits for their core business without having much of concern. Teamcenter Cloud PLM solutions as seen is the most cost effective and efficient solution proving real value for money.

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