Architosh - Siemens releases NX9 PLM Software for Mac, Windows & Linux


by Anthony Frausto-Robledo AIA, LEED AP

Industrial giant Siemens has announced this week the latest release of Siemens’ NX, now at version 9. The product formerly named Unigraphics and used in industrial and aerospace industries to design, engineer and manufacture industrial equipment has for many years been arguably one of the top leaders in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.

Siemens NX 9 – Available for OS X
Siemens was the first and still only true industrial-class PLM software platform with robust OS X support. NX 9 is available and ready to run on OS X in all 64-bit versions, in addition to 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux environments.

NX 9 offers breakthrough new product enhancements that the company says offer up to five times (5x) productivity enhancements across multiple industries. A big new change is that NX 9 introduces Siemens’ well-regarded “synchronous technology” to the 2D data–not just 3D data. Another change in the addition of 4th generation (4GD) technology to enhance design for massive assemblies.

“NX 9 represents a very significant step forward for Siemens, our customers, and for product development in general,” said Jim Rusk, senior vice president, product engineering software, Siemens PLM Software. “With significant new breakthroughs such as synchronous technology for 2D, 4GD and NX Realize Shape, we are offering our customers unprecedented design flexibility while significantly increasing their product development productivity. And by leveraging our successful Active Workspace solution, we are enhancing the high definition user experience that helps our customers make smarter decisions that result in better products.”

The Battle Between 3D and 2D: Resolved
While 3D modeling is the preferred method of product design throughout the world, 2D drawings and 2D product data – in a wide variety of digital formats – are still used in virtually every industry in some aspects of product development. Unfortunately, due to incompatible data structures and inconsistent CAD technology, working with these 2D files is typically tedious and time consuming.

Synchronous technology for 2D eliminates these problems by adding intelligence to 2D data without the need for translation, enabling users to edit multi-CAD 2D files up to five times faster. The company says this is particularly valuable to industries like automotive, aerospace, machinery and others with large amounts of legacy 2D product data–essentially any industry which got started with 2D CAD a long time ago.

“Siemens’ synchronous technology for 2D is a Next Generation 2D tool that addresses many of the downfalls of drafting and sketching,” said Chad Jackson, principal analyst for Lifecycle Insights, a leading PLM research and advisory firm. “It ‘understands’ the geometric relationships inherent in 2D drawings and applies user-controlled assumptions at the point of change to enable intelligent modifications. It also applies these assumptions locally instead of globally to ensure fast performance.”

Further Info
NX 9 is a dense upgrade from the previous version and there are many features and enhancements beyond those mentioned here. Siemens NX 9 is immediately available.

We encourage readers to learn more about NX 9 and the new Teamcenter software as well by visiting this detailed product description.
Siemens PLM software is used by over 71,000 customers worldwide with seven million licensed seats distributed among those customers. 

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