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Al Kraus is a long time PLM World member and currently on the Midwest RUG Board of Directors. After inquiring about what he does at GEA Farm Technologies with the Siemens NX CAD, he shared this with PLM World staff: "My company makes all types of milking equipment, barn equipment and barn curtains."

When I think of the companies that use the software my mind automatically jumps to aerospace and automotive, I am finding it extremely interesting learning the amazing equipment developed and just how diverse the industries are that uses the same Siemens PLM Software to yield such diverse products. 

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One of our latest projects is a robotic milking machine.  The cows walk in on their own, get milked and are released back into the herd.  The farmer never touches the cow or has to do anything unless the robot pages him that there is a problem.

 If you were as interested in this machine as we were take a look at additional information from the link below including a informational video half way down the page.




GEA Farm Technologies is one of 5 segments in the GEA Group of companies which is active in the food processing businesses all over the world.

  • Farm Technologies is part of the Global Engineering Alliance to assure that the producers of raw milk can be sustainable. To do this:
    • GEA FT automates key processes, like milking cows, and management procedures that assure the cows are healthy and happy
    • Allowing modern dairy farmers to increase both the scale and scope of their raw milk production systems

We work from Galesville Wisconsin where we develop, engineer and manufacture large scale robot milking systems.

  • This allows for flexible system solutions which has been developed especially to meet the requirements of the USA standards and food laws.

The MIone Robot Milking System has one robotic attaching device that catches the teats automatically of 2 to up to 4 cows depending on the system.

Here we see the photo of a 4-box that allows 4 cows to be milking automatically at any time.

The dairy farmer no longer has to be in the parlor to milk the ever increasing numbers of cows.

This is for a great part possible due to another interesting aspect of these types of solutions: cows arrive to the milking machine of their own free will and leave when they have been milked.

These type of solution combining motivated cows and automation reduces the labor requirement on dairy farm and allows dairy herds to expand to a more efficient scale, while not compromising the quality of the milk that can then be processed to the dairy products we all love so much.


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