In good times and bad – PLM World delivers!

Five years ago was a challenging time for PLM World, planning to host another annual conference during a period of economic upheaval and uncertainty. We have lost many members due to changes in their employment status and working with different PLM solutions. Ignoring the headlines of bankruptcies, budget cutbacks and layoffs and inspired by the phrase – “The Show Must Go On”, the PLM World board and staff continued planning and hosting annual conferences every year since then. Thanks to careful planning and communication with Siemens PLM, the partners who have supported us and our members who continue to participate and attend our conferences, the gamble has paid off every year.

The premium conference experience and accommodations could not have been possible without the leadership of Beth Ewing, PLM World Business Director. Beth and her PLM World staff, Karen Modrow, Sarah (Rutledge) Sandag and Shonda Dukes have worked tirelessly to find premium quality conference centers with conveniently located hotels and guest services for attendees at an incredible value.

Every year, the Board of Directors of PLM World, Beth Ewing and PLM World's staff faced many budgetary and legal challenges and each year we have learned a lot from them. Which is why we have rewritten our By-Laws to meet the changing needs and demands of our business. Details can be found in our digital newsletter -

The result of all this effort will produce a much stronger, vibrant and forward looking organization that will serve its members. One example owing to the leadership and effort of Mark Halbish, our Vice Chairperson, we have seen RUG attendance grow significantly for the past two years in all geographic areas bringing about more awareness of the annual conference.

Please take the time to read about the new By-Laws and consider joining our Board of Directors. We are also looking for members to become nominees on our board and you have until May 20th. More information can be found here -

See you at the conference in Orlando!

Richard Meagher

Digital Communicartions Director


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