RUG Revivals

We have some exciting news about our RUGs and want to share with you what volunteers are doing to get old inactive RUGS active again:

  • Central Florida will be holding their first meeting in over 2 years. This meeting will be held March 2, 2011 at the Kennedy Space Center. At this time they have 29 registered from 8 different companies planning to attend this meeting. Be sure to visit their website after the event to see how it went.
  • North Carolina has lots of users interested in reviving their group. After the Siemens PLM Connection event, we will be working closely with Siemens PLM and other local users to revive this RUG again. If you are interested in getting involved please contact the PLM World RUG Liaison, Michele Diller.
  • We have received word that the Southeast (August, GA area) is planning a revival as well as St. Louis, MO and Indiana. If you are a user in any of these areas and want to get involved, or a partner company that would like to sponsor the event, please contact Michele Diller.

If you know of another RUG that is currently inactive and you would be interested in volunteering, or if there is not a RUG in your area and would like to start one up, please contact Michele Diller, for information on how to get the process started.

As you know, the Siemens PLM Connection 2011 is almost here. RUG leaders from around the US will be meeting onsite to collaborate about their events, and discuss what they are planning for the future. These RUG volunteers work hard all year to provide opportunity for users to meet locally in addition to the national conference. They provide their members with a sense of community and a chance to exchange ideas. If you want more insight on the RUGs, please read the following article from the PLM World Newsletter 2010 Vol. IV – Regional User Groups – Do they provide value to the user community?

Respectfully submitted,

Bonnie Berry
PLM World Administrative Assistant

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