Less than a week from today – what will you be thinking?

By this time next week, everyone will be thinking and talking about the keynote presentations. I am sure Erik Wahl’s presentation about finding that boundless creative energy we were born with but later put aside as we went to college and launched our careers will be a favorite topic.

Innovation will be the key theme of the conference – finding innovation in everything we do and the products we designs, sell and service. The question is how?

I am reading a digital copy of his book “Unthink” I downloaded from Barnes & Noble (I do plan to purchase an autographed copy later) and after reading a few chapters – there is a lot of very insightful and inspirational ideas about how we can bring out that inner child of creativity we still have in all of us and using it to open our minds to new ideas that will help us grow and become more innovative.

I won’t go into details here – but I will say this – Mr. Wahl’s presentation is just what we need to kick off the conference with his creative energy on stage and using art to get his message out will be something no one should miss.

Throughout the 4-day conference, there will be plenty of networking sessions designed to bring people from different industries and global locations together and talk about a lot of the great things we will be learning from our speakers, our partners and of course from each other.

We hope you will all be talking about this great conference for a long time afterwards!

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