Another Great Conference, another great year!

Siemens PLM Connection 2014 is now a memory but one that won’t be forgotten too soon. The venue in Orlando, the excellent reviews of the hotel and conference center and scheduling of events and keynotes throughout the week has kept daily participation high all week. Membership survey has revealed high satisfaction with the new Agenda grid, the scheduling and timing of sessions and the Knowledge Theatre. 

IMG_2468.jpg IMG_2469.jpg
Erik Wahl’s Art of the Possible presentation received the highest satisfaction with 76% of survey respondents voting very satisfied.



This year we hired a professional emcee, Glenn Thayer,  to introduce our keynotes, board members and other guests and provide a more polished professional look to our conference.

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Glenn Thayer with Karen Modrow of PLM World  With  Dave Lambke of Siemens PLM


Annual Attendance Stats

We are very pleased with the outcome of this year’s attendance. While the 2014 numbers ranks fifth in annual attendance for the past 9 years, we are confident careful planning and close coordination with our event planning partners enables us to meet our targets and budgeted costs.



Board Election and Results

Welcome to our new Board of Directors for the 2014-2015 year.  Two new members* have joined the board to fill vacant positions, new board positions** created and current members have moved up to take the leadership of our growing organization.


Incoming / Incumbent



Mark Halbish

John Manderfield

Vice Chairperson

Nathan Hartman

Mark Halbish

Technical Director

Jon Jarret

Tom Both

Vice Technical Director

Larry Carpenter *

Jim Ayers

Technical Business Director

Don Haupt*


Director of Finances

Bob Chalou


Director of Communications

Richard Meagher


Partner Liaison**

Tim Storer


Membership Director

Linda Channell


PLMWorld Business Director

Beth Ewing


SPLM Marketing Liaison

Matt Greene (Siemens)


SPLM Sales Liaison

Dave Lambke (Siemens)


SPLM Development Liaison

Rich Ramsey (Siemens)


The Board of Directors and the PLMWorld staff look forward to working together and planning another fantastic event in Dallas next year.

Mobile App

This year we launched a new mobile app to all PLM World members so they can post and connect with other members using their mobile devices during the conference and beyond. The app made it easy for everyone to send tweet-like messages and updates to each other with photos.  This year we were able to get 1315 users signed up and encouraged participation by awarding door prizes to top 10 participants who scored the highest points based on postings.

MobileApp.png IMG_2485.jpg


We hope to continue the use of this app year round and especially during RUG conferences later this year.

 Photos from the Conference

Photos from the conference can be found here. If you have any photos to upload - let us know and we can add them to the Flickr Albun

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