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Michele Diller
RUG Liaison, PLM World

Dear PLM World RUG/Chapter Members:

Winter has hit hard in many states this year. But never fear, spring is near, and that means PLM World is getting closer. Don’t miss out! – May 2-5.

I am very pleased to report that the state of our RUGs/Chapters is very strong. We are 15 strong and adding new Chapters and even re-activating some of the old ones that became in-active. This is very encouraging that your companies are seeing the benefits of attending User Group Meetings, especially in the economic times. Many thanks to our leaders and attendees!

We have great representation from the RUG Leaders standpoint, so if you’re looking for a RUG/Chapter to join in your area, check out the PLM World Webpage: http://plmworld.org

Click once on communities, you will see the US Map reflecting all the locations.

Or pull down the communities tab to Regional User Groups and click on the location nearest to you.

The officer’s and their contact information is listed on the left side of the appropriate Regional User Group page. Give them a call, maybe set up a time to meet with them at PLM World. I am also available and will be attending PLM World if you wish to contact me: Michele Diller at michele.diller@hunterdouglas.com.

We’re looking for new ideas and/or events. If you have an idea to share, send it to me: michele.diller@hunterdouglas.com.  I look forward to seeing you all at PLM World! 

Michele Diller
RUG Liaison

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