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Be sure to make plans to attend this year’s conference!

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When you attend this year’s Simulation Connection conference . . . wait, you haven’t made plans yet? Stop, put down what you are doing (including reading any further in this article) and start making your plans to attend the May 2nd – 5th conference in Las Vegas. As always, Simulation Connection offers many opportunities to participate in detailed discussions and training sessions with the Siemens PLM Digital Simulation Staff and Simulation SIG Leaders who are completely focused on the CAE issues you face every day.

This connection track is not only for Analysis Engineers, but Design Engineers interested in learning how using preliminary analysis will result in better designs and Engineering Managers that are interested in how new design and analysis data management tools will benefit their companies. You are encouraged to review the Simulation Connection agenda for presentations of interest to you and your organization.

NX provides both Design and Analysis Engineers with the functionality to efficiently analyze your company’s product designs whether you are improving them or verifying that they will withstand given loading environments. If you have not considered attending this year, you should start thinking about it now! You do not want to miss the chance to learn about the current status of the NX Simulation products and to discuss your needs and requirements with the Siemens PLM Digital Simulation Staff and Simulation SIG Leaders. There is never a better time than now to get fully engaged in the new and exciting capabilities that are available in the tightly-integrated suite of NX Simulation tools. Add to this the advanced workflow functionality available in Teamcenter for Simulation and you are taking the first steps to move your company in a more competitive direction.

Attendees will learn about the advanced features in NX Advanced Simulation, NX Nastran, and Teamcenter for Simulation. NX 7 and 7.5 have continued to mature and broaden the simulation functionality beyond the legacy I-deas tool set. If you haven’t moved to NX yet, the conference should give you the motivation to change!

Here are some of the offerings you will find at this year’s Simulation Connection:



The Simulation SIG has prepared a packed agenda with a wide offering of technology presentations from users and Siemens PLM Software. If you work in the CAE area, this year’s agenda is for you. The schedule includes:

  • 20 User Presentations
  • 12 Siemens PLM Product management Presentations
  • 4 Hands-On Workshops
  • Simulation SIG Presentations
  • A Simulation Keynote Presentation <= Check this out immediately below . . .



This year we are proud and excited to announce that our keynote speaker will be Kendra Short, Mechanical Systems Division Manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Kendra will speak on The Mars Science Laboratory Mission, scheduled for launch in 2011, that will land the next generation NASA™ rover to explore the surface of Mars. The vehicle design is driven by an entwined combination of geometry constraints, complex and varied loading events and environmental extremes. The MSL spacecraft is scheduled for shipment to the Kennedy Space Center in May 2011. This significant milestone represents the culmination of many years of design and analysis challenges and solutions. This keynote talk will address many of those challenges and the solutions enabled through the application of analysis and simulation software. Examples include: system design and modeling, rover touchdown loads and dynamics, instrument vibration isolation optimization, and sample acquisition and processing.



This year the Simulation SIG and representatives from various companies have continued to investigate NX Simulation tools with focus on NX 7 and 7.5. We are continuing to use the illustrated satellite structure and a few other designs to evaluate the capabilities. Stay tuned for more information on this SIG Project in the next Newsletter and a brief update at this year’s conference.



ATK Launch Systems is a long term user of both I-deas and TeamCenter products and is actively working on migrating CAD, CAM and CAE activities to NX. In this session the author(s) will present the Teamcenter for Simulation Process & Data Management Sandbox environment at ATK and the use cases designed to validate it. Implementation challenges, lessons learned, and future steps will be discussed.

This presentation will be followed by an Open Discussion session where you will have the chance to ask questions and / or share your experiences with the Teamcenter for Simulation product.



Four well-organized, hands-on, workshops on Siemens PLM Software simulation products are offered at the conference and are included with your conference registration. The workshops significantly enhance the value of conference attendance and are structured to help existing users maximize their productivity and help new users acquire working knowledge of the products. All workshops will use the latest software versions. And classes are scheduled at different times to make it possible to attend all Simulation classes if you choose.

Multi-Physics Simulation Capabilities with the NX Solutions

This hands-on workshop session will involve a thermo-mechanical problem solved with NX Thermal and NX Nastran. NX Thermal is used to perform a heat transfer simulation and the resulting temperatures are mapped onto a dissimilar structural mesh for thermal distortion analysis in NX Nastran. In addition a brief review of the present techniques for multi-physics solutions (2-way thermal-flow, 1-way thermo-mechanical, 1-way fluid-structure) will be made. Coupling between the NX Flow and NX Nastran solvers will also be demonstrated.

NX CAE Face from Mesh 

NX 7.5.2 introduces the ability to create polygon faces from finite element faces. This feature opens up new possibilities to editing finite element meshes that are not associated to geometry. Polygon faces from mesh build geometry associative meshes that can be edited topologically at the polygon face and mesh levels. Applications of this capability include: remeshing regions of a model, topological edits of underlying geometry that previously didn’t exist, interaction between an existing mesh and new polygon faces from CAD data, and geometry based boundary conditions applied to a model that previously had no geometry. The applications mentioned here are valid for both 2D and 3D meshing when the user begins only with finite element data.

NX Assembly FEM

This workshop will illustrate the use of assembly fem for “bottom-up” workflows – importing multiple component bulk data files, orienting them correctly with respect to one another and defining connections such as elements, glue or contact between them.

Simulation Data Management

The Simulation Management Workshop is an introduction to using Teamcenter to manage CAE data such as NX part files, solver decks, results, and reports. Prior experience with Teamcenter and NX is not required. Activities will include importing data from the o/s to TC, organizing your data once it is in TC, using the CAE Manager application to find related data, revisioning, and configuring TC to work with third party applications.


Be sure to make plans to attend this year’s Simulation Connection.

The Simulation SIG Leaders and Siemens PLM Software

Simulation Team looks forward to seeing you there!

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