Place Your Bets

Place your bets, please…PLM World Roulette…

The wheel spins, the ball rolls….the player asks….Should I go to Siemens PLM Connection…?

The bets are ….

Teamcenter track…workflow, data organization methods, multi-CAD, multi-discipline mechanical/electrical/software, EBOM to MBOM, collaboration via JT……

NX track…sketch based modeling, synchronous technology applications, PMI, drafting updates and ease of use, tolerance stack predictions…

NX simulation…advances in predictive modeling, concurrent analysis…

NX CAM…integration with modeling features, automated inspection…

Stay at home….

All bets down please…

WINNER!....Teamcenter, NX…

This years Siemens PLM Connection conference moved to the west coast, Los Vegas NV. The conference will be in the same location next year.

Attending Siemens PLM Connection is a winning bet if you want to learn more about the products you use in your business.

Years of design experience have shown us that someone has already solved the problem you are working on. The challenge is finding this person, and the solution when you need it.

Attending Siemens PLM Connection is a very good way to find people and see demonstrations of businesses have improved their efficiency and bottom line through a combination of revised processes and using Teamcenter and NX (and other CAD systems)

Ford, for example, has shown several positive outcomes in quality and design cycle on product models we can purchase today. I am so impressed by these talks that as my stepdaughters reach driving age, we look for Fords for them.

But they’re automotive and I make commercial products….

Ah, look closely and you will see common threads throughout all the presentations. All companies are in business to make profits. All share the need to continually improve practices and processes and attain return on investments in CAD/CAM and PDM. You just have to recognize the pieces applicable to your business.

Ever wish your company would make better use of a particular feature of Teamcenter or NX?

Would you stand a better chance convincing management if you could show an example from a known, credible source?

If your manager won’t let you go, how about suggesting they attend?

C’mon…step up…place your bet. The way to win is to play.

The NYS PLM World Regional Users Group will be held October 11, 2011 in Rochester NY

We hope to see you there


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