Nothing like a good VM.

I have a confession.  I'm addicted to Virtual Machines.

It started with the free Microsoft Virtual PC.  Then, like an addict, it just wasn't enough after a while.  I needed a bigger fix.  Then I met VMWare Workstation.  Man, I am hooked!

I love using Virtual Machines especially with Teamcenter for development and testing.  They are so helpful.  I should have been using them for the past several years, but I only got into them seriously in the past year.

My favorite use of VM is using snapshots to do before and after backups while debugging and reproducing the problems I find before I submit an IR to GTAC.  Another favorite is to use them for testing/revising my client install scripts.  I'm finding new uses all the time.

VM's rock! 

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June 6, 2011 08:03 AM by Debbie Larrabee

Yeah, VMs ROCK!!! Woohoo..

VMs Rock

September 29, 2011 02:38 PM by Randy Ellsworth

Hi Larry, can you share some of the best practices/guidelines you follow when creating VMs? How much memory? Do you run BMIDE? How much disk or processor. Thanks in advance.

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