2011 Golf Tournament Site Testing

I got out and played some golf at Angel Park - the site of the 2011 PLM World Golf Tournament.  The course was alot of fun.  The fairways were fescue/bluegrass and were in great condition.  The greens were bent grass.  They were deceptively fast...but putted true. 

But the thing about desert golf is...if you get out of the grass - you are in JAIL!!!  The areas around the holes are inkept desert or manicured rocks...not gravel, but rocks ranging from 2 to 8 inches in diameter. 

I shot an 88 and 87.  Not great...but pretty good when you figure in that I took 5 and 7 penalties for lost balls.  Why so many lost balls?  I have been working on a flaw in my swing and Im still a bit inconsistent.  AND the WIND! 

I was playing all kinds of knockdowns and playing lay-ups to be safe.  A wedge into a green was tough...you needed to be able to estimate the wind and correct for it.  Or you have to play a flatter club...I was playing 8 irons from 120 yards...I normally hit an 8 iron 160 yards. 

And drivers....HAHAHAHHAHA....forget about it.  After figuring out that the course was deceptively tight in the first 3 holes, the driver went back into the bag.  I had to play 3 woods, stinger 3 woods, 3 irons and other knockdowns to stay low.  It bacame a shot placement and avoid trouble round.


On the back 9 I found a few holes where I could let the big dog eat!  I birdied the par 5 14th, drove the green on 15 and just off on 16. 


Overall I thought the course was fun...challenging and deceptively narrow but fun.  The wind made it a riot...the short par 3's were like aiming for the clowns mouth. 

Im looking forward to the Sunday tournament! 

Originally: Released: Apr 30, 2011 07:53 PM in Dave Ewing's PLM World Blog

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