Day 1 - Keynote Presentations

Day 1 as always has been is the busiest day of the week long event, especially in the Rotunda area where many attendees line up for registration while others enter the Partner's Exhibit hall to enjoy a muffin, croissant sandwich and some fruit before heading to the Rio Pavillion to hear the keynotes.  One tweeter complained about the early start at 7:30 AM, nevertheless, even after a late start, Jon Jarrett, PLMWorld Chairman managed to get the conference underway, with a brief welcome to everyone and a quick summary of the event before turning it over to Dave Shook from Siemens PLM Software.

Dave provided a newsflash that the SPLM conference in Las Vegas is Siemens PLM's biggest user conference, longest running and has the greatest amount of user content. He introduced each keynote presenter that followed. I could not tell if Dave has incredible memory in giving lengthy introduction an bios of his peers from Siemens PLM or reading a script somewhere - but his intros were very impressive!

Next up was Craig Rode from Microsoft where he presented Microsoft's vison for PLM, starting with a brief video that showcased tight integration between Microsoft and Siemens PLM product. Discussed the role of Sharepoint in structuring data from unstructured data.

David Spade from IBM discussed digital transformation and disruptive changes in innovation now underway. It does seem that IBM is for the most part out of the hardware business, the very root of its early beginnings.  

The highlight of course was a big welcome and positive delivery by Siemens PLM Chairman Tony Affuso who started off being amazed by the large numbers in attendance. He gave a very upbeat outlook for Siemens and Siemens PLM with over 3 million seats operating, 5 quarters of strong and double digit growth, and winning business from competition like Dassault and PTC in the automotive and aerospace area. "24 of the top 25 automotive OEMS now use Siemens PLM software" said Tony.  He showed an article about the recent annoucement of Solidworks being replaced with another application and how it had helped SPLM's competing Solid Edge product win over some converts - this of course got a lot of tweets from the press. As many would agree - Tony's message has always been the same - "we never let the customer fail".

Klaus Oesterschultze CIO Siemens Industy Automation Division gave an interesting perspective on PLM from the factory side, discussing Siemens internal strategy for using PLM within the Industry division. One comment that caught my attention was like Klaus, CIOs are responsibe for aligning CRM and SCM with PLM. 

Finally - Chuck Grindstaff, President and CTO  of Siemens PLM Software talks about making smarter product development decisions using PLM software. To put it in perspective, it "takes 20,000 decision to move from paper to a new car".  He also went on that "engineering is not about designing new parts, it is about making better decisions".

In looking at the tweets - it seems that a lot of people were inspired by the keynotes. Suffice it to say that this morning went very well!


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