Day 2 - What does a grocery store and client virtualization have to do with PLM?

Day Two brings more focus to Siemens PLM products with some user presentations and a series of roundtables across several tracks. The morning began at 7:00, depsite many grumblings from attendees who may have stayed up later than they should have the night before. I got up early hoping to be there before the crowds so I can grab my food and find a table to eat from. I was not alone unfortunately, but with a little experience in how this goes - I was able to satisfy my hunger without getting sauce or coffee on my shirt.  

I met a few people during breakfast and had an interesting conversation with a gentleman from Canada (mental note to self, ask for business card or bring a notepad to get their name(s)). It was interesting in that he was a new Teamcenter user working for Loblaw's, a large grocery retailer in Canada. Naturally I was curious as to how Teamcenter was used in this type of industry and when told that they work with suppliers who provide them with in-store branded foods and products so they can sell them under the chain's brand. Then it made sense. They just upgraded to TC 2007 and again - I was curious as to why not go all the way to TC UA. They use Macs and apparently the newer version of TC UA is not quite ready for Mac support. The gentleman (my apologies and if I see you before the conference ends - I will update this blog) was hoping to meet others in the same industry. He has met some people from Home Depot, but hopes to meet many more and learn more about how Teamcenter is used in this new and emerging industry group.

Day 2 started at 8:15 with Jon Jarrett kicking off day 2 and reminding everyone about the Siemens PLM feedback survey and tonight is the last night for the Partners exhibit.

The first presentation was from Brian Armstrong of HP - discussing the benefits of client virtualization. HP is providing this technology on the belief that virtualization will enable enterprises to better secure their data, be more efficient in managing the data and making it accessible anywhere. Armstrong stated that last year, businesses lost over $6.7 million in security breaches - an example of which 10,000 laptops were stolen at airports.

According to Armstrong, among the chief drivers for virtualization is the increased demand for mobility in the workforce and a new "digital" generation of 250 million project to enter the workforce.

Ron Adams gave a presentation from a user perspective. Mr. Adams is from AM General, a defense contractor well known for their land based vehicles like the classic Hummer. An example is displayed on the floor in the Partner's exhibit. Mr. Adams presentation was about using Teamcenter UA Requirements at AM General.

I better wrap this up quickly as I am off to another session!



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