Tips for presenters (or how to avoid mass narcolepsy)


First time presenting? Nervous about presenting? Worried that your animations are out of sync or too slow? Relax! Here are some tips to prevent narcolepsy in your audience. Just remember 3 things:

1. Let them know what you will be presenting 

  • When you get up to present - give a quick outline of what your audience will expect.
  • If someone walks out - they probably fell asleep during the previous session.

2. Present it

  • Amp it up - speak up and out - this shows confidence and command of the presentation.
  • Let the slideshow do the work - but not too much. Get rid of the Powerpoint animations- too much fade in and out will cause your audience to fade out completely. 
  • Don't read from a script - look at your audience when speaking.
  • Don't read the slides - be assured that everyone knows how to read if they read the signs to get to the room!
  • Summarize and highlight - what is the point of the slide - otherwise - what is the point?
  • When doing demos - speed it up. No one likes to watch cursors dancing and retyping spelling mistakes.
  • Engage your audience with a little humor and personal experience on topic.

3. Let them know what you presented

  • Make your argument and state your thesis
  • Allow time for questions if possible.

Many of your peers watching you have at one time stood up in front of people - so you are not alone. Just remember to follow the tips above. You may not get a standing ovation - but at least everyone will leave awake and happy they learned something useful. 



Originally: Released: May 03, 2011 04:47 PM in 2011 Siemens PLM Connection Blog

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