How to use Twitter to get the most out of your conference experience

Twitter is a great tool for staying connected throughout the Siemens PLM Conference in Dallas. Using your preferred mobile device or laptop, download and install Twitter, create an account if you don’t have one already and you are ready to go!

Once you have your account set up – let everyone know you are coming by sending a short tweet and using a hashtag. For the conference, we are asking everyone to use #plmconx.  Anyone using Twitter and dashboards that monitors tweets will find your tweet when they search for the hashtag.

Here is an example of a Twitter session on a laptop or tablet; notice the hashtag entered in the search field at the top. Any tweet containing the hashtag will appear in the screen below.




When you are at a presentation or viewing exhibits, send some tweets about what you see and what you think. Keep it respectable and avoid foul language.

You can share photos of yourself, friends and co-workers attending the conference using Twitter and share them as long as you follow guidelines for taking photos and videos. For example, you may not send pictures of presentations without permission from the presenter.

The screen shot below is from an iPhone with a Twitter app. A camera icon at the bottom of the screen will display buttons to take pictures or send one from your library.


 Twitter uploads your photos to its site and adds a short URL linking the photo to your tweet. Another app allows you to post several pictures and videos for sharing on Twitter and you can find it at This app also uses your Twitter account.


Paste URLs in your Tweets


You can add website URLs to your tweet if you find an article on the web relevant to PLM to share with others. Just copy and paste the URL while composing your tweet and be sure to include the #plmconx hashtag. Twitter automatically shortens the URL to 20 characters leaving you 120 characters for your message and hashtag.


Monitoring Tweets from Multiple Sources


You can monitor tweets from different sources including your own using a dashboard like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Dashboards also let you compose new tweets, follow others and keep track of who is following you



Twitter is a modern broadcasting medium and that’s why this is an excellent tool for sharing everything that goes on at the conference.  So be sure to send out some tweets, let us know what you are doing and share your experiences with us!



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